Product feature: Trackout mats

Trackout mats are a modern, reusable, stabilised entranceway solution, designed to clean vehicle tyres as they exit job sites

Each trackout mat is weight rated to 80T

Rocktec Ltd offers trackout mats to customers across New Zealand, supplying a range of products and services to the mining and construction industries.

Adding trackout mats to the extensive portfolio provides an agile and effective solution to mitigate vehicle tracking in challenging environments.

Trackout mats are designed to clean vehicle tyres as they exit the job site

Trackout mats are a modern, reusable, stabilised entranceway solution, designed to clean vehicle tyres as they exit job sites. The mat’s 3.6 x 2.4-metre dimensions can be arranged to meet the needs of each application.

Pyramid-shaped structures on the surface of the mats work to flex vehicle tyres and dislodge debris. The pyramids work to capture the dislodged sediment at the base to avoid contact with tyres.

Trackout mats are made of durable HDPE

Trackout mats are made of durable HDPE, which is recyclable and sustainable for the environment, helping move away from single-use aggregates. Trackout mats can be relocated around the job sites if required or stowed away in the backyard ready for the next job.

Rocktec says each mat has a static weight of 190kg and is weight rated up to 80 tonnes for wheeled traffic. Trackout mats are often used as a complete solution for trackout control but can also be used in conjunction with wheel wash systems and shaker ramps or to supplement an existing aggregate entranceway.

Compared to traditional aggregate-based exit pads, the trackout mats offer a number of benefits. The rock-less design is a safer technique, which helps to reduce stray rocks that may enter active roadways and pose a hazard to drivers.

In addition, the mats are more effective at minimising sediment tracking compared to
aggregate-based entranceways. On higher traffic volume sites, trackout mats have been proven to reduce the amount of street sweeping by more than 50% when compared with traditional aggregate entrance pads.

Operators switching to trackout mats are able to maintain an effective entranceway that’s safe, effective, and easy to maintain. The mats do not require a source of water or electricity.

Maintenance is typically completed using a standard street sweeper, power broom, or mat spade, which enables operators to adopt a proactive approach to entranceway care.

"Trackout mats are destined to become a preferred method for reducing material being tracked out onto public roads. The scope of applications are really wide ranging and an exciting prospect," says Rocktec. 

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