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7171T of demo concrete recycled on this project represents 95% of the total material volume recycled

It’s almost a year since the $20 per tonne waste levy fee was introduced for Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste at Class 2 landfills and the sector will feel another pinch this July when the $10 per tonne waste levy fee kicks in at Class 3 and 4 landfills.

The fees primarily fund initiatives through the Waste Minimisation Fund but are also intended to motivate the sector to reduce the volume of C&D waste going to landfills.

To that end, demolition concrete has significant potential to be diverted for recycling. To be suitable for concrete recycling operators to crush and screen into reusable aggregate products, it must be clean and free of other materials, such as wood, so this will require sorting and quality control on-site before loading out.  

On higher volume projects — viable at 5000 to 6000 tonnes of demo concrete — it can be worth hiring a crusher (screen if required) to crush and re-use the end product on-site or as construction materials for other projects. Crush & Screen has a range of hire machinery to manage this processing.

A recent example of this in action was a Goodman demolition project in Auckland, with Phoenix Metalman Recycling managing it as a Greenstar demolition project.

Powerscreen 400x jaw crusher working on the Goodman site

Using a Powerscreen 400x jaw crusher on site from Crush & Screen, Phoenix was able to process the waste concrete as they demolished, leaving it stockpiled on-site for the client to reuse.

They required a single grade — a 65mm to use as base course — so the 400x crusher was perfect for the task without the need for a screen. By the end of the project, 7171 tonnes of concrete was recycled — 95% of the total material volume recycled on-site.

Looking across the ditch, it seems New Zealand is streets behind Australia when it comes to volume of waste concrete being recycled for reuse as aggregate.

After a recent Melbourne trip, Jason Boggs, the manager of Mt Wellington-based concrete recycler Auckland Quarry, said one demolition company he spoke to alone was recycling 100,000 tonnes a month of demolition concrete, making a single grade of recycled aggregate, which went out as fast as they could make it. 

There’s a range of applications where recycled crushed concrete aggregate can be used in place of quarried metal providing untapped potential to increase the amount of C&D waste concrete diverted from landfill to instead be crushed and recycled into re-usable material:

  • pavements for light/medium trafficked roads
  • basecourse material for footpaths, pavements, driveways, car parks, and other asphalted or sealed surfaces
  • general filling behind kerb and gutter, retaining walls
  • bulk fill for embankments, retaining walls, stopbanks, earth bunds
  • backfill and trench bedding for surface and stormwater drainage lines and drainage structures
  • loose on driveways, farm tracks, and hardstand areas

For crusher, screen, and stacker hire, contact Jason at Crush & Screen, 027 820 7015 or visit

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