Product feature: Edge Slayer XL shredder

The 22-tonne Edge Slayer XL at Omarunui Landfill is being put to use to assist with the Cyclone Gabrielle clean-up

The Edge Slayer XL shredder

The massive Edge Slayer XL shredder sits atop Omarunui Landfill near Napier awaiting the procession of trucks hauling discarded residential possessions damaged by Cyclone Gabrielle.

As many as 50 trucks make the journey each day. Greeting them is Tony Prosser from Composting NZ. His company typically produces premium organic compost, mulch, and soil from green waste across the lower North Island, but at the request of the Hastings and Napier Councils, they have diversified to process construction and demolition (C&D) waste to assist with the clean-up.

A 22T excavator with a giant claw easily picks up the dropped-off rubble

Tony operates a 22-tonne excavator with a giant claw that easily picks up the dropped-off rubble, which he feeds into the Slayer’s shredding chamber. It’s here the waste meets two turning shafts with intermeshed teeth that do all the work, breaking the material down into smaller compactable pieces that will allow more waste into the site. Metallic scraps can also be separated for recycling too. The work isn’t easy.

"It’s not pleasant. You see the possessions that are coming in – kids’ teddies, cots, mattresses, everything you might see in your own house – and it’s just gone. It’s horrendous and hard to believe," says Tony.

However, the work needs to be done and Tony says he’s thankful for the Slayer.

"What I like about this shredder is it’s very simple and easy to use. It can fly through the material too. In 10 minutes, I can easily clear a bulk 40-foot walking floor trailer."

Tony Prosser

The Slayer has different settings for different types of waste. A mixed waste mode for general C&D waste, a compost and green waste mode, and one for mattresses and carpets.
All of these are useful and can be operated by remote control, allowing Tony to be a one-man band and operate the Slayer as he feeds it from the cab of his digger.

Tony says that seeing the gains from the Slayer has given him a new perspective on how landfill sites across New Zealand should be processing waste material.

"Once different landfills see what we are doing here, it will change the way they deal with waste. Reducing, recycling, and screening rubbish the way we are with the Slayer is something the industry needs to embrace."

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