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By: Emma Godwin, Sector Administration Manager, Photography by: Supplied

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LTSC takes a look at the results of the recently conducted regional audits

Last month, we advised the industry about a survey that was being carried out with funding from NZ Forest Owners to assist with a log truck audit by students in Tauranga, Napier, Waingawa, and Wellington.

The results gathered by this survey gained a snapshot of the new LOG TRUCK signage, lifting cert compliance and PPE or regulatory requirements that were being met or not.

Out of the 306 drivers surveyed across those regions, the results gave significant oversight in the following areas.

PPE gear

A close 100% of the truck drivers were wearing the correct steel-capped boots and high-vis jackets, which is positive to report. The incident of wearing a hard hat was at a similar positive 100% where the driver needed to adopt it.

Again, great to see the industry has taken up these health and safety measures while on the roads and doing their jobs.

Induction into port

Again, another great result with near 100% of those surveyed had been inducted onto the work site and many surveyed were not required to have any form of induction on the route they took that day.

LTSC has been requested to have loaded onto the website as many of the main gantries at ports and mills and those inductions that you can self-register.

Although in some cases, you can do the induction, but it may not guarantee you access on-site. You will still have to apply for swipe cards (like the port cards, etc), but it’s a good idea to have all of these listed in one place. This initiative has been started and LTSC will advise when complete and available.

Log lifting chain certificates

Every trailer needs to be certified with LTSC and every log truck company needs to be a member of LTSC to get this certification. The survey results showed 92% of trucks did meet this requirement and the rest of those surveyed had either certificates that were out of date or certificates that did not match the truck. plates visible

The final inspection area of the survey was around the new plates. The industry has let itself down in this are, and LTSC is disappointed that the adoption of new plates is taking so long.

There have been communications directly with the industry, with the forest owner principals and with the public around this matter. If there’s still confusion out there, then reference the Industry Standards on our website under LTSC Section 3

We promoted it twice in the Deals on Wheels magazine over the last 12 months. It was spoken about at each of the ‘Rubber Hits the Road’ workshops last year, and there have been significant articles and information put out to the industry around this, so there’s no excuse to be short-changing the system.

The data says it all in the graphs on the following page, and the public will be confused and potentially challenged to make a call through the new system when close to 30% of our industry has no plates and the other 25% has the old 0800 plates.

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