Product feature: MSC high-speed shredding

The TDS 820 is an aggressive, slow-speed shredder designed for the toughest recycling and shredding applications

TBG 530T high-speed shredder

Following the recent arrival of another Terex Ecotec TDS 820 High Speed Shredder in New Zealand, Mobile Screening & Crushing (MSC) say they have received numerous requests for demonstrations from a wide range of companies in the waste recycling, demolition, and materials processing industries.

TDS 820 slow-speed shreeder

"The fact we’ve had enquiries from all corners of the industry highlights the tremendous versatility of this shredder, and the feedback from the demonstrations has been consistent — its performance and features are market-leading," Andy Meikle, MSC Director says. 

The TDS 820 is an aggressive, slow-speed shredder designed for the toughest recycling and shredding applications: construction and demolition waste, pallets, green waste, forestry slash, mattresses, bark, and general waste reduction.

Customers quickly appreciate the benefits of the independent shaft drives and the easily customised control system, allowing the shaft directions and speeds to be configured to optimise production.

Having the ability to run the shafts in reverse removes difficult wrapped material, helping to reduce downtime. During the design process, the Terex Environmental engineers worked hard to maximise the clearance below the shredding chamber to allow for the free movement of difficult wet material after shredding.

This design has been well proven with the TDS 820 impressing operators with its ability to process difficult, damp green waste material efficiently despite the weather having impacted the material to be shredded.

Terex Ecotec TBG 530T

MSC says they are also looking forward to demonstrating the next Ecotec unit currently in transit to New Zealand, the TBG 530T high-speed shredder. The TBG 530T has already made a significant impact in the recycling and demolition sectors overseas since its release in early 2022. 

Ecotec recently interviewed one such company on the performance of their TBG 530 high-speed shredder. R. Heatrick Ltd, a major player in both the recycling and demolition sectors in the UK, turns waste wood products into biomass using a Terex Ecotec TBG 530T track-mounted high-speed shredder.

The TBG 530T has increased efficiency and saved running costs for R Heatrick Ltd

The TBG 530T has increased efficiency and saved running costs for the company, processing a mixture of waste wood and pallets at a rate that required two machines previously.

"The TBG 530T track-mounted high-speed shredder is a great machine, cutting back on a lot of manpower. Before, we were running the waste wood through a slow-speed pre-shredder then through a high-speed shredder, so apart from the obvious savings with maintenance and repair of two machines, there’s also a huge saving on diesel," says Mark Heatrick of R Heatrick Ltd.

With a rapid set-up time, the TBG 530T is ready to work in a matter of minutes with no tooling required. The open-fronted feeder enables the TBG 530T to be fed quickly and easily from the rear.

The intelligently controlled feed system ensures optimum material flow resulting in class-leading performance. The TBG 530T also benefits from the added protection of a screen kickback system.

Should an unshreddable object enter the shredding chamber, the screen will release, allowing the material to quickly pass through, reducing the risk of accidental damage.

The TBG 530T comes fitted as standard with the industry-leading T-Link telematics solution designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability for the customer.

MSC says they can supply a comprehensive range of Terex Ecotec recycling equipment, with both slow- and high-speed shredder stock units, offering a complete solution for demolition and recycling requirements.

For more details, contact Dan 027 2255 838 or Andy 0274 939 098 or email:

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