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Quicksilver and Durapro liners are designed to offer slide-off properties for sticky materials

The liners can be fitted to all types of tipper trucks, excavator buckets, wheel loader buckets, hoppers, and chutes as well as farm machinery.

Supplied by Wiltech Consumables (NZ) Ltd to the New Zealand industry since 2003, the liners are sourced from the US and constructed from a hard-wearing modified polymer that’s super slippery and durable, low maintenance, and designed to last for years.

The liners can be fitted by a network of installers located nationwide or delivered in kit form, with easy-to-follow instructions.

"The main point we want to get across to businesses researching liners is that our products are far superior to others out there and cheaper products will cost them in the end," says Wiltech director Richard Bathurst.

Companies that supply trucks and equipment for site works, infrastructure projects, roading, fertiliser supply, and other agricultural work are encouraged to look closely at lining their bins with either a Quicksilver or Durapro liner to prevent build-up of sticky material and with this being carried back to loading sites, it reduces job profitability.

"Roading contractors can use a 12mm Quicksilver liner for asphalt cartage, with no issues," says Richard.

"Buyers can be assured that they are getting the best quality product possible. Our Quicksilver liners are backed by a four-year warranty and Durapro liners have a three-year warranty."

Safety of staff is another important aspect, as a liner on a tipping body will release a load faster and often at a lower bin incline, along with negating the need for drivers to dig out any unreleased material.

"The durability of our liners is second to none, but there are occasions when damage does occur, or after years of use, the rear section of the liner may start to wear. We can repair or replace the section by plastic welding in a new section, and you will be back on the road in three hours or so. You come to us, or we can come to you," says Richard.

"We will soon celebrate 20 years in business, so I think that demonstrates the quantity and quality of our products out there in the marketplace. We’re always ready to help with any questions or concerns a customer may have before and after their purchase."

For more information, contact Richard 021 940 229 or visit

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