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A piling equipment and excavator attachment hire company, Pilehire offers many services, including plant management, fabricating and supplying equipment, and trucking and Hiab mobile crane work

Pilehire Ltd is well-known as a piling equipment and excavator attachment hire company, with 35 staff on the hire side of the business and 30 staff in the engineering and mechanical side.

New Zealand-owned and operated, the company owns more than 5000 digger, piling and drilling, and skid steer attachments and manages an additional 1000 pieces of plant and equipment, but the range of services offered extends beyond just hireage.

  • Management and maintenance of plant and equipment for other businesses
  • Fabrication and supply of a wide rangeof equipment from an extensive and well-equipped workshop.

This includes site welding, machining, and mechanical work, trading as Parken Engineering.

Pilehire started as a side hustle on the edge of established engineering company but quickly grew into the machine it is today, and like all growing businesses, it has had its share of adversity, which enabled it to build into an efficient operation. In the early days, the business specialised in piling attachments and within a few years diversified into digger and skid steer attachments.

Apparently, staff were getting restless making spinners and bangy things, so management decided to provide a more interesting place to work for their staff, which brought new challenges and interesting developments.

The business built everything itself, so there were some steep learning curves. The design and manufacture of excavator attachments seemed easy from the outside, but those who have built equipment know it’s not always so simple.

In fact, there were some major failures and countless hours and money spent on what would eventually be useless pieces of machinery, but through years of experience, they now get it right most of the time.

All of this learning and growth has put Pilehire in a forward-looking position and they say now is the time to seize opportunities with more new equipment being developed and some exciting new branch openings in the near future.

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