Product feature: MB Crusher

MB Crusher provides a full line-up of crushing, screening, cutting, and sorting attachments for the construction, demolition, and recycling industries

The MB Crusher buckets have many areas of applications

CablePrice NZ are the official New Zealand importer and distributor for MB Crusher, providing a full line-up of crushing, screening, cutting, and sorting attachments for the construction, demolition, and recycling industries.

MB Crusher attachments are designed to provide solutions for many job sites, locations, or machines. The attachments themselves can be applied directly onto any heavy equipment within its weight class, and installation is quick and easy, whether it’s a larger or a smaller unit in the MB Crusher range.

CablePrice says there are many advantageous features in the MB Crusher range, such as advanced hydraulic systems, which requires limited hydraulic flow and pressure and offers a significant cooling effect, thus extending the life of the excavator.

The low vibration throughout the range also allows for quieter work sites when in urban areas. Maintenance is made easy with the MB range and the help of CablePrice. Many of the products are designed to simplify and minimise maintenance operations.

And for maintenance or repairs that need a more hands-on approach, CablePrice is there to support their client’s business with 17 workshops throughout New Zealand. The applications of these attachments are vast and varied.

The MB Crusher buckets can be used from building demolitions in general to the processing of excavation materials, earthmoving, and road works. The bigger units are also popular in quarries and mines.

CablePrice says the MB Screening range are ideal for the selection of natural materials, both before and after the crushing phase while the MB drum cutters are suitable for any use in urban areas and on restricted job sites in applications such as concrete wall and surface profiling, rock excavation, trenching, and demolition.

Lastly, the MB sorting grapples are designed for handling large loads and odd forms, thanks to the interchangeable claws and the 360-degree hydraulic rotation. With the MB Crusher attachment range, CablePrice says they offer customers a solution to save time and money.

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