Product feature: HB14 hydraulic breaker from Volvo CE

A crawler excavator and hydraulic breaker from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) are proving to be a perfect duo for Simken Land Works Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand

Established in 2016, Simken Land Works Ltd is headed by Simon Lee and David Kenny. Based in Brookby, a rural suburb on the outskirts of Auckland, the company is focused on concrete recycling and general earthworks, producing quality aggregates which are utilised in a variety of different projects and applications.

Simken Land Works Ltd uses the ECR145C with a Volvo HB14 breaker

The ECR145C crawler excavator and HB14 hydraulic breaker from Volvo CE are breaking and processing concrete to size at the company’s recycling depot in Brookby.
Both earthmoving and recycling

"We chose Volvo over other brands due to its reputation, availability of parts, dealer support, and the high performance of its machines," says Simon, director of Simken Land Works Ltd.

"The 15-tonne ECR145C excavator is a good size for our work in confined spaces, particularly where we are undertaking drilling and piling."

On-site since November 2016, the ECR145C excavator works on both earthmoving and recycling sites of Simken Land Works, be it loading trucks, drilling holes for retaining, lifting blocks for retaining walls, or breaking and stockpiling concrete.

Small yet powerful

Simon says that the ECR145C’s short tail swing with its high lift makes work easier in tighter areas.

"It’s amazing that despite its size, the ECR145C actually has a large capacity and power to transport things quickly," he says.

"Having the flexibility of different attachment settings from the factory settings makes changing attachments much easier, particularly when going from a grab to a breaker or drill unit."

Volvo HB series

The 15-tonne ECR145C excavator is a good size for work in confined spaces

Simken Land Works Ltd uses the ECR145C with a Volvo HB14 breaker for a range of breaking work. On-site, the HB14 helps to quickly reduce large concrete structures to a size that can then be crushed into recycled aggregate. With a length of 2,285 mm, the HB14 is part of Volvo’s hydraulic breakers (HB) series.

The HB series breakers for medium- and large-sized machines have operating weights between 909kg and 6031kg. The 11 breakers in Volvo’s HB14 to HB70 series work together in perfect harmony with Volvo’s excavators, the manufacturers say.

The HB series breakers for medium- and large-sized machines have operating weights between 909kg and 6031kg

The HB breaker series are self-greasing and encased in a fully sealed housing, which protects the power cell, prolongs their lifespan, and reduces noise. Their hydraulic systems are protected from pressure spikes by capacity accumulators, which increase impact power.

Consistent weight

"Our operators love working with Volvo CE machines," says Simon. "The boom float function is exceptional, especially when utilising the breaker as it limits stress on the machine. The arm can move freely, while knowing there is a consistent weight on the tip of the breaker."

Excellent support

All Volvo machines were purchased from New Zealand Volvo CE’s distributor Transdiesel.

"Dealer support has been excellent ever since we started working with Transdiesel," Simon says.

"We have no complaints on the machines and the dealers. That’s how perfect the combination is – great machines and excellent aftermarket support. We are very satisfied."

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