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Attach2 continually challenges the status quo to find ways to improve and deliver peace of mind to customers when they purchase new excavator attachments

However, they say, it’s not just peace of mind their customers need; it’s the assurance that should something malfunction or have a fault develop, they are covered.


That’s why, as a New Zealand and Australian-based business, Attach2 is officially bumping up their warranty to three years on their attachment’s main chassis and structure. When a customer purchases from a tier one supplier, they expect to be looked after, and Attach2 says they are proud to live up to such an expectation.


The official announcement of an increase in the warranty length has been done because it matches the Attach2 brand philosophy, and secondly, Attach2 says they have always gone above and beyond to support the previous one-year warranty.

With one of Attach2’s core offerings to the market being quality assurance and since they offer high-quality equipment, it needs to be backed by a warranty that goes the distance too, they say.

One year to three years


Attach2 has extended the warranty from one year or 1000 hours to three years or 3000 hours on the main chassis and structure. This covers manufacturing and material defects and adds assurance that when Attach2 says they make quality attachments, they mean it.

No manufacturer or equipment vendor can say they haven’t had warranty claims from defects and Attach2 says they are the same. Issues do arise and when an issue is spotted, Attach2 guarantee they will step up to help customers through the problem.

What does this new warranty entail?

Making it easy is a big part of what Attach2 is about. That’s why they are being upfront on what their new warranty covers. Simply put, it goes 3/1/1:

  • Three-year warranty (or 3000 hours whichever comes first) against the chassis/structure from material and manufacturing defects.
  • One-year warranty (or 1500 hours whichever comes first) against hydraulic components from material and manufacturing defects.
  • One-year warranty (or 1500 hours whichever comes first) against wear parts and wearing components from material and manufacturing defects.

Another Reason to Choose Attach2

All attachments dispatched from 1 January 2020 will come with the new warranty (unless otherwise stated). For full details on the warranty, see Attach2’s new policy. Specify Attach2 as your excavator attachment supplier.

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