Product feature: Eurocomach ES18ZT excavator

The Eurocomach ES18ZT makes easy work even in the tightest spaces

Even the tightest spaces become efficient workplaces with the Eurocomach ES18ZT. As a true zero-swing machine (with expanding carriage), the tail always stays within the width of the tracks when at full width. This allows you to slew the machine throughout its 360-degree turning radius without damaging it or surroundings.

The Eurocomach comes fitted with a tilt hitch called Twist Hitch

The result is excellent balance, stability, and faster operation, making it an excellent excavator for between buildings, gardening applications, and tight fits according to Patrick Stanners from Commercial Outdoor Machinery.

Stability in all working conditions is the ES18ZT’s strength. This comes from an expanding undercarriage and blade. The hydraulic track widening from 990mm to 1300mm ensures greater stability and adds to its versatility.

The Twist Hitch allows any connected bucket to tilt

The ES18ZT counterweight remains inside the track footprint, highlighting the minimised footprint and ease of use in confined spaces. The true advantage of the Eurocomach ES18ZT is the fact it comes factory fitted with a tilt hitch. Called a Twist Hitch, this piece of equipment is capable of 90-degree left/right movement, and some models come with joystick controls to operate this.

The Twist Hitch allows any connected bucket to tilt, so operators can easily dig under concrete slabs, trees, or safely around plumbing services. The Twist Hitch also allows the operator to change buckets without disconnecting and reconnecting hydraulic hoses. Another standard feature of the ES18ZT is the Super Quick Hitch. The operator only has to hop off the machine once to release the bucket, as it self-locks when connecting back up to the digger arm.

ES18ZT excavators have excellent hydraulic performance with plenty of breakout force and smooth control over multiple functions. Alongside this, the ES18ZT produces class-topping auxiliary flow of 36 litres per minute, giving it excellent performance in running auger and breaker attachments.

ES18ZT excavators have excellent hydraulic performance

Now, add productivity to the Eurocomach features. Fitted with the heavy-duty tilt rotator, which can withstand breaking and auger drilling attachments, the Eurocomach ES18ZT can do regular work faster, taking on complicated jobs and needing less ground staff support. Also impressive is the loading height.

"We have traded many competitive machines on the ES18ZT because of its amazing loading height ideal for dumping into high-sided trucks," says Patrick. The interior cabin offers some of the best interior space in its class, and the large-width door makes climbing in and out easy. Adjustable suspension seat adds to operator comfort.

"The control layout provides a comfortable seating position with total accessibility and maximum view of all instruments." The ES18ZT cab version is equipped with a radio, glove compartment, fan/heater, and lighter plug. Maximum visibility, thanks to the considerable width of the front windshield (with assisted lift), makes being the operator enjoyable, too.

The side opening left arm makes for easy operator access. Folding pedals combined with driving and tracking levers increase driving comfort, and the footboard is flush with the door making for stepless cab exit and easier floor cleaning. The ROPS frame on the canopy units is designed to be easily removed for maintenance.

There are two motion command and control modes: first gear with reduced speed and high thrust force, and second speed with greater transfer speed. Everything is controlled by a practical button above the backfill blade lever. Machine safety means operator peace of mind.

Sensors monitoring the manipulator position prevent accidental control of the machine. Safety belts, the cabin structure, and roll bar with ROPS, FOPS level I, and TOPS certificate provide all the safety needed in the cab in the event of an accident.

The Eurocomach ES18ZT excavator is your best ally for all your working needs, indoors and outdoors, offering unmatched versatility of minimum footprint for maximum performance. Available in cab or canopy options, too. 

Eurocomach ES18ZT specifications

Arm break force 1100Kgf
Bucket break force 1550Kgf
Max lifting capacity 440kg with two-metre distance from rotation centre
Travel speed 2.3/4.6km/hour
Slew speed 12R/min
Canopy – cabin Tops/ROPS–FOPS
Rubber tracks width 230mm
Max dump height 2.69m

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