Product feature: Manitou MRT-X 2150 Telehandler

When Port Otago maintenance manager Matt Eves had to replace three ageing vehicles, he sought out AB Equipment to see if they could provide him with equipment that will complement growth

The solution came in the form of the Manitou MRT-X 2150 Privilege Rotating Telehandler.

"With limitations around the capacity and reach of the old equipment, it was immediately obvious that the Manitou on its own would prove significantly more cost-effective than the existing machines," says Matt. 

"Another thing that stood out was the apparent versatility of the Manitou MRT-X telehandler, which meant there were endless possibilities for us to use the machine on other work around the port."

The MRT-X 2150 Privilege Plus is an all-terrain four-wheel drive, rotating telehandler

This has proven to be the case with Port Otago planning to use the Manitou for the installation of shipping gangways during the next cruise season, which starts in October. Trialling is proving successful and the Manitou MRT-X 2150 will certainly add value to Port Otago’s operation.

The MRT-X 2150 Privilege Plus is an all-terrain four-wheel drive, rotating telehandler specially designed for the most demanding of industrial activities and construction sites.

The hydrostatic transmission and ergonomic controls ensure maximum precision when manoeuvring to approach and place loads for consistently smooth operations and increased productivity. Floor space, time, and budget are optimised, as this three-in-one machine (telehandler, crane, and work platform) is capable of handling a wide range of tasks.

According to Matt, the main driver of the decision to purchase the Manitou MRT-X 2150 was the flexibility of the 360-degree rotation, which means the main body of the machine can stay in one place while performing a multitude of tasks around it. Another is the four-tonne hydraulic winch. The hook block assembly offers greater stability and vertical control.

"The four-metre work platform basket is easy to access, is safe, and efficient. It can accommodate three people and has a total lifting capacity of one tonne. This is a great feature and its stability provides a super safe working environment for our operators," says Matt.

The machine can accommodate three people and has a total lifting capacity of one tonne

"This is extremely important as much of our work centres around high-access maintenance jobs in the workshop such as changing light fittings, building maintenance, replacing windscreens on saddle carriers, and other infrastructural work. We recently conducted a trial and used the work platform to simulate an operator rescue from our straddle carrier and the ease of machine set-up and opening side gate on the platform proved very successful."

The Manitou MRT-X 2150 also has a remote control to better handle loads, and can, therefore, be operated from on the ground or up in the work platform basket. This is particularly relevant, as sometimes, it’s better to see what you’re working on close up.

The remote control has a screen, which shows the state of the machine. You can also use this control unit to work with the machine in platform mode. All the functions of the boom and its attachments can be guided by the radio control on the ground.

Versatility is ensured, thanks to the wide range of attachments available. These are automatically detected using the E-Reco system, which also indicates the appropriate work area and halts any possible overloads from occurring so operators can can work safely and securely.

"In other words," says Matt, "it tells you what you can do and prevents you from operating outside the machine’s capabilities."

Port Otago is pleased with the Manitou MRT-X 2150 that it has added a fire protection unit and added company branding. For more information on the Manitou MRT-X 2150 Privilege Rotating Telehandler or the location of your nearest Manitou dealer, contact Rob Fuller on 021 653956.

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