Business feature: Silo Solutions NZ Ltd

Silo Solutions NZ Ltd has entered into the Australian concrete ready-mix market with the supply and installation of a Euromecc batching plant

The site was located in the Parramatta region, west of Sydney, where the demand for concrete is increasing with the burgeoning construction of high-rise development. The plant was placed alongside an existing loader feed plant to increase storage of aggregates and sand that could be extracted using the automation of the existing plant.


The end result required was to raise the overall plant production to meet the increased demand. The client has confirmed that the new plant has performed beyond their expectations.

The new plant supplied has a total storage capacity of 220m3 equally divided into six storage compartments. Below the storage bins is a weight hopper that will hold 12m3 and this is extracted on a belt to the existing hopper and then to the truck mixer where cement is weighed and water is added to complete the mix. The new plant added has a projected output of 120m3 per hour but this is currently restricted by the old plant output.

Radial -stacker

The loading of the storage bins has been achieved by using a 32-metre long conveyor belt with a hopper at the loading point and the conveyor moves on a radial rail allowing the discharging into the individual bins.

Operation of the complete loading system is controlled by a radio remote controller that the loader operator can use in his cab. Silo Solutions, when given the supply contract, had to have the plant delivered to the site in eight weeks and this was achieved with three days to spare. The installation team completed the assembly in 14 days with an extra three days used waiting for the electrical installation so that belt tracking could be completed and other small items attended to.


The plant is designed in such a way that it can be dismantled and reassembled in another location. This project is a first of its kind for Silo Solutions, as it marks a successful entry into the Australian market for Silo Solutions and the Italian company Euromecc.

The company says they also have the ability to choose Euromecc Concrete Batching Plants of the shelf, which helped their client’s request for urgent delivery.

Silo Solutions’ partnering with Euromecc has produced a good working relationship and the company sees a good future in the Australasia and Pacific market with two more plants being ordered in the past few weeks.


The company will also have two plants in stock to meet the new demand in the construction and mining industries. To assist with your future planning, Silo Solutions has a professional staff to meet with you and help you get the right plant and cement storage for your project.

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