Product feature: Hitachi ZX17U-5 mini-excavator

Hitachi mini excavators are known for their efficiency and innovation. Used mainly in densely populated urban areas, they have been designed to function efficiently and safely in narrow job sites.

Of the 23 Hitachi compact excavator models produced, in sizes ranging from 1110kg to 6600kg, the ZX17U-5 model easily takes the cake for being the most popular and highest selling internationally, and it’s easy to see why.

Big -time -equipment

Despite being one of the smallest in the Hitachi line-up, the ZX17U-5 still packs quite a punch and is capable of producing higher levels of productively while using low amounts of fuel due to its great hydraulic efficiency.

The machine is also designed to keep its tail close to its tracks, which allows operators to work in confined spaces such as digging a trench down the side of a house. The tracks can also be extended and retracted by up to 200mm to suit the requirements of the job site.

Despite its compact structure, the canopy has been designed with a wider, easier entry, enhanced visibility, and a great sense of space, which makes for a more enjoyable operating experience. Being lightweight and stable, the ZX17U-5 can also be easily carted by towing behind most work vehicles, which makes transportation between job sites a breeze.

Furthermore, these machines have quiet, fuel-efficient engines, ideal for night-time construction as well as low exhaust emissions, making these machines more environmentally friendly. Maintenance is also made easy, thanks to enhancements such as improved access to side-by-side cooling cores.

For more information on the Hitachi ZX17U-5 excavator or other options in the compact excavator range as well as tailored finance solutions, contact your local CablePrice Equipment Sales Representative.

Hitachi ZAXIS 17U-5 specifications

Rated engine power: 10.6kW (14.2hp)
Operating weight (base): 1880kg
Backhoe bucket: 0.044 m3

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