The new Tesab 800i jaw crusher in action

By: Chris McCullough, Photography by: Chris McCullough, Video by: Chris McCullough

A new Tesab jaw crusher is making big impressions in a family-operated quarry business in Northern Ireland, increasing efficiency and production

The new Tesab 800i jaw crusher is in operation at Magheradunbar Quarry in County Fermanagh and is the latest offering from Tesab, which is based just 30 miles away in Omagh. The new 800i replaces the already established Tesab 10580 model.


Designed specifically for crushing primary rock at the quarry face, the 800i features Tesab’s new and improved step deck vibrating feeders, which helps the machine handle dry or wet material. Plus, it has an independent two-deck pre-screener for extra production.

RJ Mitten & Sons operate two quarry sites in County Fermanagh: Rockfield Quarry at Lisnaskea and Magheradunbar Quarry 15 miles away just outside Enniskillen.

For the past few months, the Magheradunbar site has been operating the new Tesab 800i jaw crusher at the quarry face breaking down material to 150mm before it enters a screener.

A Powerscreen Warrior 1400X screener then sorts the aggregate into three different sizes, over 40mm for secondary processing, 20–40mm material for secondary processing and direct sales, and under 20mm for sale as blinding.

With a range of Tesab equipment already being used in the quarries, the decision to upgrade to a new Tesab 800i was easy for the quarry owners.

A family business


The Mitten family run both the quarry sites in Fermanagh in the business that was started off by the late Robert Joe Mitten in 1969.

Third generation Roy Mitten, along with his father Eric, run the Magheradunbar Quarry, which, combined with the Rockfield site, produces up to 700,000 tonnes of material per year.

"My grandfather started back in 1969 with a sand and gravel pit in Derrylin," Roy says. "In the early 1980s, we purchased Rockfield Quarry at Lisnaskea, and 10 years later, we also purchased the Magheradunbar Quarry.

"We produce up to 700,000 tonnes of material a year from both sites, with 250,000 tonnes coming out of the Magheradunbar Quarry, supplying all sizes of aggregates as well as agricultural lime in Enniskillen.

"All sizes of aggregates—10mm, 14mm, 20mm, and 40mm—are produced along with crusher runs ranging from blinding up to 150mm in size.

"Our biggest customers are those involved in the precast and ready-mix industries," he says.

Clocking hours


Roy runs his Tesab 800i all day, every day, which will account for some 2,000 hours of use on average every year.

So far, he is quite impressed with the machine, particularly so with the ‘magic eye’ addition that keeps a visual on the material flow into the crusher and controls the feed.

"We have been using Tesab equipment here for more than 30 years, and for us, the brand has performed very well over the years," Roy says.

"When we started using Tesab equipment, we used the static machines, which also gave us great service. 

"We operate four faces of 50 feet benches at Margheradunbar Quarry, which provide a lot of material for us after each blasting. 

"Before the new Tesab was in operation here, we used the older model, the Tesab 10580, for eight years. Indeed, that machine gave us great service over the years but it did not have a pre-screen facility on it.

"This new 800i model is designed to handle more than 400 tonnes per hour and comes with a secondary belt outlet, which dispenses the finer grade material for immediate resale.

"We use it to break down the material from the quarry face to 150mm, which is then screened into different piles, making the resulting material easier to handle.

"This machine will run all day, every day, and will put around 2000 hours on the clock each year.

"On top of the additional outlet belt to the side of the Tesab 800i, it also has a magic eye, which keeps a control of all the material flowing into the jaws.

"If the operator puts too much in there, the machine automatically identifies this and stops the feed until the jaw is free from obstruction.

"This prevents blockages and maintains a more consistent flow of material going through the machine and onto the screener."

Tesab machinery at work

Tesab -623S

Across the two sites operated by the Mitten family, they use three Tesab jaw crushers as well as the 800i machine, namely the 10580 models. They also have two Tesab impact crushers, the 1412T, and 623CT models.

The two Tesab 10580 jaw crushers with extra deep jaws date back to 2005 and 2007 and are used across both the quarry sites. The 1412T is used as the main secondary crusher at the Enniskillen site and was purchased new in 2008.

Plus, they have one Tesab 623S static model that was bought new in 1993 and has been fully reconditioned by Roy and his team.

"The Tesab 623S has around 30,000 hours on it," Roy says. "We bought it in the early 90s and decided recently to refurbish the machine, as it is still a vital piece of equipment here.

"It breaks the material down from 70mm to 20mm and is powered by a Cat 3306 engine, which, from experience, we knew was a very reliable engine.

"The hopper was modified so we can fill it with the bigger loading shovels, the conveyor was extended, and the engine was reconditioned.

"All this work should give it a longer life with us. It really has given great service to our quarry."

He adds, "The Tesab 1412 is powered by another Cat engine, the Cat C13, which again is very reliable. Our machine has 12,000 hours on it and has given very little bother over the years."

Flagship model—Tesab 800i

The new Tesab 800i was sold to the Mittens by Tesab sales executive Leon Connolly. He says, "The 800i is the flagship model of the Tesab crushers, designed for quarry operators looking for maximum output with minimal downtime.

"The 800i is a high output, simple, and highly reliable primary jaw crusher with no fancy electrics and no Canbus or PLC computer systems on-board.

"With the 800i, we have listened to the market and retained the benefits of proven 10580, 24-tonne jaw unit along with streamlined feed system with a two-deck independent pre-screen.

"This new model is improving production by more than 25% from the older model as well as providing a better quality material at less cost per tonne," he adds. There is 40 staff employed on the two Mitten quarry sites in County Fermanagh including 20 truck drivers who work between both sites.


"The trucks are mostly Scania and Volvo tippers," Roy says, "but we also operate some DAFs and Hinos in the fleet.

"Other equipment on the Magheradunbar site includes four loading shovels, the 32-tonne Cat 980, and a Cat 966 model. The other two are Komatsu 470s rated at 25 tonnes.

"We also have a Doosan MT41 dump truck made in 2009 and two Cat 330 excavators and a Doosan 280.

"All of our servicing is carried out in-house, but if we need any assistance, the Tesab guys are always there to help.

"I have to say all our Tesab machines have served us well, as they are simple with little technology on them to go wrong. Dust and technology is not a good mix at times. 

"They are also easy to operate and do the job we demand of them without any hesitance," Roy adds.

Doosan -Moxy -MT41-dump -truck

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