Product feature: Calibre's Sure-Grip Coupler

Calibre Sure Grip Couple Calibre Sure Grip Couple
Calibre Sure Grip Couple Calibre Sure Grip Couple

Calibre's Sure-Grup Coupler comes with a front and rear locking mechanism allowing for a one-stop connection and disconnection process

The long-awaited Sure-Grip Coupler from Calibre epitomises beauty in its simplicity. The design mantra at Calibre has long been to innovate with excavator operators at the forefront of their minds. Their ultimate goal is to enhance the lives of their customers through the creation of premium tools.

Through well-designed excavator attachments, Calibre seeks to provide options for customers to work with easier-to-use tools in quicker and more efficient ways. Furthermore, Calibre attachments are designed for easy maintenance and longevity. The Sure-Grip Coupler is the latest example.

With a front and rear locking mechanism allowing for a one-step connection and disconnection process, simplicity is key. The quick and easy attach and detach mechanism to change working attachments is intuitive and robust. With the requirement of only two hoses to connect to an excavator, Calibre’s Sure-Grip Coupler offers much smoother operational use with less moving parts and no requirement for greasing.

There is improved cylinder operation pressure with hydraulics rated to 5100psi with no custom hydraulic requirements. Similar to the current range of Calibre products on the market, the Sure-Grip Coupler is compliant with the latest New Zealand and Australian Standards AS4772-2008 and all individual units are tested and come with a Certified Lifting Eye.

With a proven design and simple maintenance, the Sure-Grip Coupler from Calibre is said to offer the simplest of all dual-locking mechanisms on the market. The emphasis on simplicity has resulted in a coupler with a direct connection with all OEM hydraulic circuits and varying pin centres allowing for increased versatility.

Improved fuel economy and machine performance are endorsed by the low profile and lightweight structure of the Sure-Grip Coupler ensuring optimised breakout forces and increased productivity.

The Sure-Grip Coupler was a featured product at recent trade shows that Calibre has appeared at, having starred at both THE Expo in Hamilton earlier this year as well as the recent Diesel, Dirt and Turf Show in Sydney.

For more information on the Sure-Grip Coupler or any other Calibre products, contact Calibre at or 09 278 4863.

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