Product feature: YRCO IMER range

YRCO will be sourcing four products from IMER Equipment

Youngman Richardson & Co Limited (YRCO) has taken another step to becoming the leading supplier of concrete equipment products in New Zealand with the arrival of the IMER range of concrete machinery.

Left: IMER S340R.RT concrete mixer Right: IMER Syntesi MIX80 mortar mixer

Italian-based IMER Group was founded in 1962 and is a manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment. For more than 50 years, their mission has been to provide building sites around the world with innovative products that reduce the physical efforts of the operator with the view to increasing productivity.

"Initially, YRCO will be sourcing four products from IMER Equipment," says sales director, Phil Fairfield. 

"The first is a petrol-powered large capacity towable concrete mixer. The others are portable, wheeled, electric-powered, or manual-mix site mortar mixers, which will be available in three models. All are made from high-quality materials and are extremely durable, which makes them ideal for New Zealand conditions," says Phil.


This petrol-powered site concrete mixer comes with a large volume 345-litre drum and
is road or site towable. The IMER mixing system is characterised by various distinctive points, which includes a special mixing paddle design and low drum speed, enabling it to mix large batches of materials. This results in a uniform and well-blended mixture that’s easy to use and provides higher productivity. It also comes with a Honda GX160 five horsepower engine.

IMER Syntesi MIX120

This compact mortar mixer is powerful and versatile and is able to batch the most difficult of products (both traditional and premixed materials), thanks to its high power and speed, the manufacturer says. This makes it a real asset on the job site particularly considering that it’s capable of mixing 90-litre of materials in as little as 40 seconds.

IMER Syntesi MIX80

A small size and lightweight mortar mixer, it features an I-DUST grid and connection for vacuum cleaner to limit the dust in the surrounding environment. It’s ideal for mixing all the products that come in bags, especially where small quantities need to be mixed at each cycle. It’s easy to clean and has a drum capacity of 80 litres and a mixing capacity of 55 litres.


The smaller mixer of the range, the MIX-ALL is a compact grout and mortar mixer with three-action paddle and drum capacity of 56 litres, capable of mixing 47 litres. It’s specifically designed for mixing self-levelling material, fibre-reinforced material, and concrete repair material and is ideal for small building sites or refurbishment work.

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