Product feature: Generac and Makinex

A quick look at YRCO's products

Makinex transforms the worksite

Users can store and charge their power tool batteries safely

The Makinex Charge Pod is a mobile-powered cabinet that lets contractors store their power tool batteries safely while at the same time allowing them to charge their batteries using a General Power Outlet (GPO).

Made from UV stabilised and V2 fire rated polythene, the Makinex Charge Pod is 1480 wide x 430 deep x 1370mm high overall and weighs 74kg. It has six lockers that provide plenty of room for chargers and batteries with six plug outlets on the outside.


Each locker has large holes in the doors that can be used for inspection as well as air ventilation. The Makinex Charge Pod is packed with plenty of other features, including grab points and handles for easy repositioning on the construction site and a lifting hook to get it on and off a trailer.

It has an IP rated breaker box and outlets to prevent battery charging threats, lockable doors, four lockable wheels, and space under the unit so that it can be easily forklifted into place.

Generac's future of light


Estimated battery working time is about 16 hours

Generac Mobile’s new VT-SOLAR solar light tower is powered by three solar panels that help provide greater brightness, performance, and battery life. An easy control panel and the possibility of connecting to an external power source for recharging even in the absence of sunshine, make this lighting tower a product of simple use and great ductility with no emissions.

The batteries can be recharged either through the internal inverter powered by the standard solar panels or through a socket directly from mains supply or other external power source. The energy stored in the batteries ensures the full functionality of the LED floodlights (the AC output is available only within the EU).

The average battery operating time with all LED lamps on is estimated to be about 16 hours (4x65 watts) with about six hours of recharging time. The VT-SOLAR combines an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charge controller and an inverter/charger in one product. The Power Assist protects the utility from being overloaded.

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