Roading and compaction tyre releases

6618 z BKT PAC MASTER Road 6618 z BKT PAC MASTER Road
6615 z BKT TR 387 6615 z BKT TR 387

BKT’s latest tyre lines are specifically made for operations in the road making and construction sectors

PAC MASTER and PAC MASTER PLUS models are made to help guarantee extraordinary stability and a prolonged life cycle the manufacturer says. Constructed with a special compound, BKT says the tyres are endowed with exceptional strength, able to dissipate heat caused by the temperature of the road surface during laying.

Numerous size variations are available to fit most road construction machines. The soil compaction market is well-serviced with three agro-industrial models, the TR387, TR390 and TR391.

The heavy-duty TR 387 is available in various versions, including the ‘Dual Bead’, which is particularly suitable for industrial use thanks to its double bead and resistance to cuts and tears.

The TR390 is designed for high load capacity and increased durability and is available with double dual beads and BKT says the TR391 is an outstanding agro-industrial solution for both transport and compaction operations.  

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