YRCO distributors for Genie Material Lifts

Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd (YRCO) has recently been made exclusive New Zealand distributor for the full range of Genie Material Lift products

"We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to market this range alongside our existing collection of Genie heavy lifting products," general manager, Ed Richardson, says.


"The announcement means that Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd will now have exclusive distribution for all Genie branded products throughout New Zealand."

Genie material lifts are specifically used for lifting and placing small pallets and objects and can help provide a versatile solution for worksites, warehouse, manufacturing, maintenance, and utility applications.

Their distributor says using lifts such as the Genie can help reduce the risk of workplace injuries, adding that all the Genie models are able to pass through a standard doorway for ease and access to the worksite and can be loaded by one person on to a truck or ute.

The Genie Materials Lift line-up will include four models: GH Super Hoists, Superlift Contractor (SLC), Superlift Advantage (SLA), and AWP Super Series, with some providing lifting height capabilities of more than 7.32 metres. "Existing Genie Material Lift customers can be assured that we will have a significant parts inventory throughout both our Auckland and Christchurch locations," Ed says.

"The company’s technical staff is already familiar with the Genie product and will undergo further training to become acquainted with the specific service and maintenance requirements of the Material Lift range."

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