Volvo enters rigid hauler market

Volvo CE announces their entry into the rigid hauler market with the launch of the Volvo-branded haulers

Volvo CE has announced that beginning in the second quarter of 2018, it will market its own brand of rigid hauler with the release of a four-model range made from a combination of intellectual property from its subsidiary Terex Trucks and the Volvo Group.

Press Release 2018_January 11_3

The range is said to be first released in less regulated markets and will comprise the R45D (45-tonne), R60D (60-tonne), R70D (72-tonne), and R100E (100-tonne), which is a completely new model.

The smaller models are based on Terex Trucks TR-Series, and Volvo says their branded models will include greater visibility and safety systems.

With the launch of the Volvo-branded haulers, the company announced that production of Terex rigid haulers will eventually cease.

"Our purchase of Terex Trucks in 2014 was a strategic decision that allowed Volvo to offer customers a rigid hauler option," Thomas Bitter, senior vice president of the marketing and product portfolio function at Volvo CE, says.

"Since then, we’ve been working to design a completely new rigid hauler that builds on Terex Trucks’ 84-year heritage while also incorporating Volvo CE’s industry-leading technology and core values of quality, safety, and environmental care. Today, we move to the next stage, and the new Volvo machines, especially the E-Series R100E, are the outcome of this work. We’re confident that they will impress customers working in the mining and quarrying segments."

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Volvo’s rigid haulers will be manufactured at the Motherwell facility in Scotland, which is also where the Terex-branded articulated haulers (ADTs) are built. Volvo CE says the Terex ADT range will continue to be designed and built by the company, being distributed through the existing Terex Trucks independent dealer network.

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