First Hidromek excavator soon to arrive in NZ

Turkish-build Hidromek brand due to arrive after Magnum Equipment appointed as New Zealand distributor

Auckland-based heavy equipment seller Magnum Equipment has announced they’ve been appointed New Zealand distributor for the Turkish-built Hidromek brand, with the first machines due to arrive in the country late October or early November.

"Depending on how enquiries go, the machines will either be sold immediately or sent out on hire through our Magnum Hire business," company director Liam Field says.

Hidromek -New -Zealand -Magnum -Equipment

The Hidromek brand is Magnum Equipment’s first foray into the new equipment market, although the company has been marketing and selling used machinery for many years.

"To be honest, not so long ago, we passed the point of critical mass and felt it was necessary to have control of the supply chain from manufacturer to end user," he says.

"Hidromek is a well-known European brand, and they build quality products. It was equally important for us to integrate this equipment into Magnum’s hire fleet to ensure our reputation for supplying quality machinery was upheld.

"We also see Hidromek as having some parallels with us, as like them, a buyer can phone up and speak directly to the owner of the company, which is something virtually unheard of with some of the larger corporates."

An initial shipment of two 14-tonne and two 22-tonne excavators will be the first to be supplied and other orders will regularly follow shortly thereafter. "This is no dipping our toes in the water to see how it feels," Liam says.

"We have recently completed a major new building that includes a large workshop facility, so we can accommodate the Hidromek brand; our intention being that these machines will quickly become a common sight on worksites throughout the Auckland region and further afield."

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