Low-carbon hydrogen technology to power forklifts

In a world moving towards environmental sustainability, low-carbon hydrogen fueled forklifts will be celebrated as they reduce CO2 emissions by 80%

A Japanese partnership, consisting government and private enterprise, has announced a low-carbon hydrogen technology full-scale demonstration project to evaluate a supply chain, which will utilise hydrogen produced from renewable energy in facilities along Tokyo Bay to power forklifts.


A system has been created for using electricity generated at the Yokohama City Wind Power Plant to electrolyse water to create low-carbon hydrogen, which is then compressed and stored.

The product will then be transported in a hydrogen fuelling truck to a fruit and vegetable market, a factory, and warehouses, and will be used in fuel cells to power forklifts at those locations.

The creation of this hydrogen supply chain in cooperation with local partners is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 80% when compared with a supply chain using forklifts powered by gasoline or grid electricity.


The goal of the project is to establish a hydrogen supply chain, analyse costs, and estimate potential CO2 reductions that can be achieved with a full-scale supply chain in the future.

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