Product feature: Kobelco SK100MSR-7

The first Kobelco SK100MSR-7 has been sold in NZ and has been put to work on the first of what will be many projects

The newly introduced state-of-the-art 9.2-tonne machine has been put to work in the bustling construction scene of New Zealand’s largest city and guided by Auckland contractor Shane Abernethy, will help achieve the high standards the seasoned contractor holds himself to.

True to the blue

With a standard arm, the Kobelco SK100MSR-7 has a max reach of 7070mm

In pursuit of excellence and the ideal machine for the varied job sites Shane frequently finds himself on, he meticulously researched the new excavator market, eventually finding himself on the doorstep of the Kobelco dealership in Takanini, South Auckland.

"I moved out of a zero-tail swing machine and was looking for something with a cab that was more spacious and mechanically suited to the specifications I required," says Shane.

Shane adds that he looked at a number of different brands and had specific needs around power, pump output, and general set-up of the excavator.

"I sat down for a week with a lot of different brand brochures and compared what was available. I was on the way to sign up a deal with another brand when a friend suggested I stop in at Kobelco’s yard."

Power and precision

The Kobelco SK100MSR-7 has been designed for optimal operator comfort and control

Shane’s choice of the SK100MSR-7 for his latest project is underpinned by the machine’s quality features.

As outlined by Kobelco New Zealand’s sales representative Clive Forrester, the Series 7 SK100 stands as a powerhouse, boasting more than 50kW of power from the Yanmar 4TNV98CT engine, which helps it stand out in its class.

On-site feedback praises the machine’s whisper-quiet operation, often overlooked in the realm of heavy machinery, creating a more comfortable work environment.

At 1870mm, Shane opted for the standard size dipper arm, which rivals that of some larger 13-tonne machines. He says the 60-degree swing of the SK100MSR-7 outshines a lot of competitors, while the wide expanse of glass gives him clear views of the work area. Also available as an option is the longer 2130mm arm, although, with the fitted Robur Dynamax rotary tilt coupler, Shane’s machine has all the reach he requires.

"The machine is very well-balanced, even with the tilt coupler and the large bucket I frequently use. When bulking out, I can easily keep pace with bigger machines," says Shane.

A smooth journey

Shane Abernethy took possession of his newly acquired Kobelco SK100MSR-7 at the Kobelco NZ site in Takanini

Shane attests to the SK100MSR-7’s smooth operation and the thoughtful design of the cab, both reflecting Kobelco’s commitment to operator comfort and efficiency.

Additions such as Bluetooth connectivity through the stereo system, a phone holder, and a large drink holder, along with a 10-inch colour monitor, significantly enhance operator comfort and useability.

"Its cab is as big as a 30-tonner — like a mini office," says Shane. "The three cameras (one rear and two side-facing), along with the bird’s-eye setting give a clear view of the surroundings, with the monitor being large enough to easily see two views on a split screen," says Shane.

"The SK100’s precision and versatility make it more than just a tool for digging — it’s a companion in the intricate work of construction. It helps ensure every cut is precise and every movement is purposeful," says Shane.

The SK100 difference in action

The Series 7 SK100 features a Yanmar 4TNV98CT engine

The SK100MSR-7’s power, comparable to a 12-tonne machine, is proving invaluable on Shane’s latest job, as it easily slices through solid clay with steadfast stability in a live showcase of the excavator’s capabilities.

As a subcontractor for Troydon Contractors, Shane is often navigating his way around intricate aspects of commercial projects where accuracy is important. The dozer blade, with 500mm of travel up/down, and compact footprint of the SK100MSR-7 allow easier manoeuvrability when working alongside the numerous obstacles encountered on a daily basis.

"I’ve replaced two machines with this one, as I’m finding it so versatile. It can track at up to five kilometres per hour, which comes in handy when working on larger sites," says Shane. "I might find it a bit difficult getting into some of the real tight stuff, but when I’m able to do almost everything with it that needed two different-sized machines to carry out in the past, then the purchase of the Kobelco is a good result."

The evolution of a business

Left: Spacious and comfortable cab Right: The jog dial integrates multiple functions to allow for simple navigation

Shane’s journey in the construction industry spans four decades, marked by a significant shift from trucking to digging. Recognising digging as a core aspect of construction, he shifted his focus to where digging and trucking businesses work in tandem.

Shane offers sage advice to aspiring digging entrepreneurs. He emphasises experimenting with various diggers and seeking guidance from experienced professionals.

His transition from trucking to digging was not solely driven by profitability but also by the need for comfort and efficiency in his work, especially as he grew older.

A standout project

Among Shane’s numerous projects, the ongoing Auckland Airport project stands out, and the SK100MSR-7 plays a crucial role in overcoming the challenges of the venture. The collaboration between seasoned professionals like Shane and the younger generation ensures a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, leading to greater accuracy in the work performed.

As his SK100MSR-7 continues to demonstrate its worth across diverse projects, it will be a strong partner in Shane’s pursuit of excellence and for those who demand nothing less than perfection in their digging pursuits.

Kobelco SK100MSR-7 specifications

Operating weight 9280kg
Engine Yanmar 4TNV98CT
Power 51.5kW(69hp)@2100rpm
Max torque 289Nm@1365rpm
Max pump flow 2 x 72.5L/min, 1 x 19L/min
Dozer blade

2300mm x 455mm
(for 450mm shoe)

Arm options 1870mm or 2130mm
Max dig reach (1870mm arm) 7070mm
Max dig depth 4180mm
Max dump clearance 5180mm
Min swing radius 2730mm

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