Product feature: Hidromek graders

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Steve Atkinson

Hidromek graders are designed to tackle some of the toughest terrains but can be just as comfortable grading the levels on smaller urban projects

Hidromek graders are designed to handle a wide range of applications

European-based Hidromek graders have been in use since 1979 and are widely recognised as one of the most reliable and durable brands on the market today, says their manufacturer.

The graders are designed to handle a wide range of applications from road construction to earthmoving projects in urban or rural environments.

Their rugged design helps ensure that the machines can be used in a variety of terrains, including roading, construction projects, subdivision developments, farm races, and numerous other applications.

Choice of four models

The HMK 230 MG is the smallest model

The current Hidromek line of graders consists of four models, each designed to cater to different needs and requirements. The smallest model is the HMK 230 MG, which weighs in at 12,000kg and is equipped with a 129hp engine and 3100mm blade.

It can comfortably handle small to medium-sized tasks, especially those found in most commercial developments and urban subdivisions. The mid-size models consist of the HMK 330 MG (13,400kg) and HMK 460 MG (17,700kg).

These are ideal for medium-larger sized jobs such as road and highway construction and land development. For larger jobs, Hidromek offers the HMK 600 MG (18,875kg).

"Here in New Zealand, we have a number of the smaller models in our hire fleet, and they have proven themselves to be solid performers," says Magnum Equipment founder and director Liam Field.

HMK 230 MG on urban site

He adds that their popularity is due to the economical running costs and ease
of operation. "Most subdivision developments these days consist of narrow roads and tight driveways, which is where the smaller 230 (HMK 230 MG) models are ideal. They can easily negotiate a construction site and their reduced footprint enables a safer working environment."

Grading capabilities

The lever configuration suits most operators

Advanced technology such as GPS guidance systems, auto-grading capabilities, and automatic blade-levelling can be ordered, which ensures operators get the most out of their Hidromek grader.

Six forward gears and six reverse gears

"The Hidromek graders we have here in New Zealand are fitted with the latest in-cab comforts but still retain the lever configuration, which is what most users learnt on and are accustomed to.

"A lot of younger operators like all the buttons and blade control technology, but often these types of people can be difficult to find and that reduces the pool of available talent."


Easy-to-use control panel

Well-laid-out controls in the air-suspended cab, along with numerous work lights, mirrors, and a reversing camera help the operator to work safely and efficiently, even in difficult environments, while the intuitive control panel design helps to easily identify the optimal settings for each job.

Wide door for easy access

All models come with a range of features designed to protect the operator from potential risks, with FOPS and ROPS protection, seatbelt warnings, heated windows/mirrors, and anti-slip surfaces.

The co-operator seat comes standard

Air-conditioning comes as standard, along with a quality MP3 player stereo system for those long workdays. An additional fold-down co-operator seat in Hidromek graders allows for a passenger to be safely transported or the machine to be used to train new operators or those transitioning from a different model or brand.

Model focus: HMK 230 MG

Hidromek’s smallest 12,000kg model powered by a Perkins 1204D-E44TA, is Tier 3 emission rated. With a displacement of 4400cc, the engine delivers net power of 129hp (96.5kW) @ 2200rpm.

Maximum torque is rated at 516Nm@1400rpm. The transmission has six forward and six reverse speeds and is direct drive powershift, allowing for a maximum top speed of 45km/h in either direction. The diff lock is hydraulically controlled by the operator.

A variable displacement piston pump flows up to 146 litres per minute at a maximum working pressure of 172 bar.Construction of the chassis is box-type steel plate welded construction and has an articulation angle of 26 degrees.

The braking system is dual-circuit air-activated multiple wet discs on the four real wheels.
The blade is 3100mm in length and has a height of 530mm. It can operate at a maximum depth of 410mm or alternatively can be raised 430mm above the ground.

The cutting operational angle is 36-81 degrees, and it has a maximum bank cutting angle of 90 degrees. The HMK 230 MG has an overall length of 7602mm, overall width of 2180mm, and a wheelbase of 5300mm.

"Hidromek graders are the perfect choice for any heavy-duty work that needs to be done. They are reliable, give excellent performance, and are fitted with the latest safety features," says Liam.

"Whether it’s one of the smaller models or 19-tonne HMK 600 MG for a large roading project, they all are a very good option for the type of work that is carried out in New Zealand."

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