Product profile: Koala Tree Shears

When it comes to a combination of increased performance and extra safety, Boss Attachment says its new Koala Tree Shear is certainly a step in the right direction

Rotorua contractor Henry Fear with the Koala 400 Tree Shear

Built to last longer with a durable Hardox body, Hardox shear arm, and replaceable Hardox blades, the Koala Tree Shear can be a fast and cost-effective solution for a wide range of felling, thinning, and pruning projects.  

Designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland, the Koala Tree Shear range comes with a range of features, such as:

  • safe and easy to use
  • improved operator efficiency
  • reduced labour and maintenance
  • faster set-up and less downtime
  • They are suitable for a wide range of applications that can include:
  • fast harvest of trees and shrubs
  • forest harvesting and crop maintenance
  • roadside verges and hedging
  • railway vegetation and farm woodlots
  • control wilding pine plantations and more

Henry Fear of H.A. Fear Ltd has had a Koala 400 Tree Shear for almost 12 months and is confident that it has revolutionised his contracting business. "It’s the most versatile attachment that I’ve ever operated, and it provides us with the ideal balance between operational safety and outstanding performance," he says.

The  Koala can also pull smaller stumps out of ground

H.A. Fear is a general contracting business with a speciality in the forestry sector and they are now able to thin, cut, and remove stumps in a single operation. "It’s a great example of a one-man, one-machine operation, and it removes the need for a whole lot of additional more expensive equipment," says Henry.

"Depending on the job, we can operate it on either our 12- or 20-tonne Kobelco excavators, and the Koala has been able to handle anything we put in front of it."

Safety is an important consideration for the forestry sector, and the Koala Tree Shear helps set a lofty benchmark. For starters, it takes the person with the chainsaw out of the picture.

Koala Tree Shears provide operators with fingertip precision and improved safety

Then there’s the additional safety generated by the fingertip precision that the Koala Tree Shear delivers to the operator. This allows the attachment to securely clamp onto the tree, prior to shearing, and then lift and place the sheared limb exactly where it needs to go.

"The Koala also removes any need for a chainsaw attachment, which also removes the requirement to spend around $30K on bulletproof glass for our excavator," says Henry.

He adds that the Koala can cut right down to ground level, something that can’t be done with a chainsaw, and the highly durable blade only needs sharpening at around two monthly intervals.

"It’s an awesome tool for us and is proving to be an excellent investment for our business."
Koala has recently added larger 500 and 600 models to its range, and these feature a single cylinder and a gas accumulator to deliver massive cutting for its 1.2-metre jaw. 

They are suitable for 18- to 50-tonne excavators, weigh 1060kg and 1500kg, and have a 500mm or 600mm cutting dimension. "We’re really excited about this range of tree shears and have models available for immediate delivery," says Boss managing director Paul Herbison.    

"We believe that they fill a real gap in the market, and there are models to suit everyone from the general contractor through to the dedicated forestry operator.

For further information, contact Paul Herbison 027 290 830 or visit

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