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A closer look at the Ring-O-Matic range that can remove almost any kind of surface without damaging existing infrastructures

The Ring-O-Matic range can remove almost any kind of surface without damaging existing infrastructures

The Ring-O-Matic range of vacuum excavation equipment is world-renowned, thanks to its exceptional build quality and continual focus on innovation, the manufacturer says.

Extensively relied on by contractors for general construction site clean-up and for potholing to locate underground utilities, Ring-O-Matics range of vacuum excavators ensures operators can quickly and safely undertake any task.

Utilising the cutting power of high-pressure water along with a powerful vacuum, the Ring-O-Matic range of truck-mounted systems can remove almost any kind of surface without damaging existing infrastructures.

Suitable applications can include potholing, pipe cleaning, trenching, pit cleaning (sumps and manhole cleaning), natural disaster and storm clean-up, construction site clean-up, plus many other jobs.

At CEA NZ, the team locally supplies hydro excavation equipment to suit a wide variety of projects, and with spoil tanks available from 4000 up to 10,000 litres, the machine is only limited by the job at hand.

Delivered as a complete solution, CEA can custom-fit equipment to a buyer’s preferred choice of new cab chassis. Alternatively, if the customer already owns an existing chassis, CEA can work with them to create a suitable solution.

"The flexibility to choose your own cab chassis is a great advantage," says CEA NZ general manager John Grant. "Allowing customers to either have a vacuum excavator fitted to their choice of truck or retrofit one to an existing fleet machine makes it extremely versatile.

Understanding that customers can sometimes need machines in a hurry means we also have turnkey units set up that are ready for immediate delivery."

The larger vacuum excavator sold by CEA NZ features a 101hp Cat engine, with an 81hp version also available, providing the required power whatever the job.

With 6000 litres in spoils capacity and 1896 litres water capacity, the vacuum excavator can also comfortably handle large tasks without requiring regular stoppages to refill or dispose of waste material.

"The range has been designed to limit downtime on job sites and tackle large tasks safely. With a 1700 to 2500 CFM pump blower displacement fitted, the vacuum also emits enough force to get the job done quickly and effectively," says John.

A critical component to the range is the aftersales service and support. CEA NZ has an extensive range of Ring-O-Matic parts on hand and the expertise to ensure your machine is well looked after, minimising downtime and keeping you as productive as possible.

CEA NZ says providing innovative products with genuine value, combined with outstanding service to customers is critical. The Ring-O-Matic range offers value, versatility, and peace of mind when it comes to getting jobs done.

For more information, contact the team at CEA NZ at 0800 435 269 or visit

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