Product feature: Hidromek HMK130CS

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Phil Means

The quick availability of a single drum compactor may have been the first thing that swayed Truman Earthworks Ltd from their usual colour allegiance to Hidromek

The newest addition— Hidromek HMK130CS single drum compactor

Well-established Hawke’s Bay contractor Truman Earthworks Ltd is into a wide range of civil construction projects and even crossover to logging work when the need arises, so it must have raised a few eyebrows when in a departure from their usual brand of choice, a shiny white and black Hidromek HMK130CS single drum compactor turned up on a subdivision near Hastings recently.

The Hidromek is a departure from Truman’s usual brand of choice

The six-strong crew includes Shaun Truman, his brother Brendon, and their father Peter, who’s the company owner. They work on a wide variety of jobs from earthworks through to civil construction, subdivisions, and machine hire when required.

"Also thrown in there is some logging work when things get too wet for civil work," says Shaun. "We’re kind of into everything—whatever you want to be done.

Truman Earthworks are well known in the Hawke’s Bay region

Our main geographical areas of work are Hawke’s Bay around Hastings across to the Taraweras. We generally don’t go too much further than that, otherwise, we spend too much time travelling," he says.

Something different

The Hidromek compactor is conspicuous in the fleet

The equipment on the latest site the Truman team has been working on shows a distinct slant towards Caterpillar—a brand that Shaun says serves the business well. "While we’re familiar with other brands, we’re big fans of Cat and know it well; it’s a known quantity," says Shaun.

"We’re not afraid to look at something different though if it suits our purpose and can handle the workload." Chances are the Trumans would have considered their usual brand as the first choice for a drum compactor, but the availability of a Hidromek, thanks to New Zealand distributor Magnum Equipment’s foresight, meant a delivery timeframe that worked for the Hawke’s Bay contracting company could be met.

"Shipping delays have affected every machinery importer," says Magnum Equipment founder and director Liam Field. "In our case, with the Hidromek brand getting a good foothold in the market, we anticipated the growth in sales and ordered additional equipment early to ensure we had as much stock here in New Zealand as possible.

"By doing that, we could supply to businesses who normally may not stray from their usual buying pattern, such as the Trumans. It gives us an opportunity to get Hidromek into the hands of people like them."

Knowing what’s required

Following Magnum Equipment territory manager Phil Means’ advice, a new Hidromek HMK130CS single drum compactor was supplied to Truman Earthworks, arriving in Hastings in July 2022.

"To be honest, my advice was minimal, as the Truman family are good old school contractors who know their equipment well," says Phil. "It was pouring with rain when they looked over our demonstrator machine. They knew exactly what they required
from the machine and told me the benefits they could see when comparing Hidromek with other brands."

One of the key features that swayed the decision to purchase the HMK130CS was the location of filters within the engine compartment—something that’s important with vandalism becoming more common on worksites up and down the country.

"The compactor is built like a brick house and has been configured to reduce the temptation for people to have a play around with it, especially when parked on some of the remote sites we work," says Shaun.

The business end

The HMK130CS is one of two models available in NZ

Sitting in the 13-tonne weight category, the HMK130CS is one of two sizes of drum compactor available in New Zealand; the smaller 10-tonne HMK110CS is another popular model in the Hidromek range.

Conforming to Tier 3 emission regulations, the HMK130CS is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder Deutz TCD 2012 L04 engine. It has a maximum output of 138hp (103kW)@2400rpm, delivering maximum torque of 520Nm@1600rpm.

The total weight of the machine, including operator, is 13,250kg

With a total weight of 13,250kg (15,050kg including the padfoot shells), the HMK130CS drum with shells has a front axle load of 9950kg and rear wheels is 5100kg. The operational weight complies with EN500-1 standards and is measured with all hydraulic liquids, 75kg operator weight, and standard equipment.

Control centre

Moving into the ROPS cab, the operator will find a full suspension seat, wide view windscreens, and a full air conditioning system. For those hot days, a cool box is on hand to keep food and beverages at just the right temperature, and there are additional storage boxes to keep things tidy.

The cab also features LED Compaction meter for instant compaction feedback. Operationally, a widened sloping hood gives additional viewing, and a rear-mounted camera provides extra safety.

"We had a single mum operating it for a while and she loved it," says Shaun. "I have found the machine has more stability than others I’ve used; it’s quite stable. A day can pass nicely in it."

Beers barbeque delivery

In his usual tradition, Phil celebrated the delivery of the new machine with Magnum Equipment-sponsored beers and a barbeque. "The Truman family are great people to deal with. They are how I remember old school contractors—look you in the eye and tell you what they were thinking," says Phil.

"It’s now up to us at Magnum Equipment to support to not let them down now. We’ve still got to get them into the seat of a Hidromek digger yet."

Hidromek HMK130CS specifications

Overall weight

15,050kg (incl. padfoot shells)

Drum weight 8150kg 
Rear axle weight 5100kg 
Engine Turbo Deutz TCD 2012 L04 2V 
Max power 138hp(103kW) @2400rpm 
Max torque 520Nm @1600rpm 
Articulation angle +- 35 degrees 
Oscillation angle +- 12 degrees 
Turning radius (outside) 6175mm 
Tyres 23.1–26 12 PR 
Wheelbase 3065mm 
Overall length 5855mm 
Drum width 2130mm 
Drum diameter 1500mm

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