Screening and Crushing: Go electric with Equip2

Something new is driving the construction industry, and according to the Equip2 it’s good news for everyone

Keestrack B4e with no diesel engine, powered by electricity 

In heavy construction and quarrying, diesel-hydraulic systems have been the go-to for decades, but while the operation and productivity of this equipment has been dependable and met expectations, increasing fuel prices and environmental impacts have seen users increasingly look to other options.

Under consistently heavy running conditions, diesel consumption is expensive. Current global conditions and the trajectory of fuel prices suggest the price of diesel is unlikely to drop much in the near future.

In addition, diesel engines require more maintenance depending on the surrounding conditions. A dusty or gritty environment mean diesel engines and diesel-hydraulic powertrains need frequent supervision and require more maintenance intervals.

This, in turn, means downtime and a drop in productivity, not to mention increased expenditure on lubricants, replacement filters, hose connections, and other vulnerable components. Added to this, diesel drives are noisy, can lead to thermal issues, and can be labour-intensive to operate.

Environmental impact

It’s reported the global construction industry accounts for up to 13% of gross global domestic product (10 trillion dollars). It’s also a major energy consumer (primarily diesel) and highly carbon intensive.

It’s said up to 39% of energy-related CO2 emissions around the world are directly attributable to the wider construction sector. A June 2021 white paper titled ‘Environmental challenges, opportunities, and transitions for construction in Aotearoa-New Zealand’ reported that 20% of New Zealand’s carbon footprint is linked to construction.

Of even more concern, the same paper reported that there had been a 66% increase in emissions from the construction industry over the past decade.

Challenging diesel dominance

The Keestrack H7e is an 80T mobile cone crushers that’s also fully electric

Already in parts of Europe, achieving a low CO2 footprint and low to zero emissions are becoming decisive factors in tendering for public works. Keestrack—a family-owned heavy construction and quarrying equipment manufacturer based in Belgium but with a presence in 100 country markets—is tackling emission reductions head-on.

The brand has a history of successful innovation, including introducing a revolutionary load-sensing hydraulics drive in 1999 that cut fuel costs by 30%. For a decade, Keestrack has been challenging the dominance of diesel energy.

Early on, they recognised the significant operational advantages of electric drives for
track-mounted mobile processing units with transport weights up to 60 tonnes.

In 2012, Keestrack debuted the first diesel-electric classifier. This was followed by the first hybrid scalper and the first hybrid crusher. A more recent example is the innovative range of hybrid impact, jaw, and cone crushers from Keestrack, including the H4e hybrid cone crusher.

Keestrack B4e jaw crusher and H6e cone crusher powered by their removable gen-sets

These machines employ a removable diesel genset to power the cone and long-life hydraulic e-motors. All combine exceptional crushing ability with increased fuel efficiency, paired with lower costs of ownership.

Additionally, electric motors have a longer operating life than traditional hydraulic equivalents. The H4e was the first hybrid machine available in New Zealand through their national supply partner Equip2.

Keestrack Zero range

Keestrack B6e jaw crusher

Now Keestrack is releasing its most ambitious, far-reaching, and innovative range of heavy equipment: the Keestrack Zero range. This is a line-up of 100% emission-free heavy track-mounted equipment.

Every machine in the range can be operated from the electrical grid or powered by an external generator and are now available for supply in New Zealand.

Up to 70% fuel savings

In Norway, more than 90% of quarrying plant is electrically powered and is evidence of the growing popularity of electricity over diesel as an energy source, says Equip2.

Operating machines from the Keestrack Zero range bring clear advantages to the user, with Equip2 saying an initially higher price ticket is recouped in just a few years of operating, driven by the 40 to 70% savings in fuel expenditure and the greatly reduced costs of ownership.

A key factor is the electrically-driven machines only have one primary moving part—the driveshaft. This creates a reduced need for servicing, maintenance, and replacement parts. In return, owners benefit from greater mechanical efficiency and access to greater torque to apply to the machine’s primary function, says Equip2.

Intelligent plant control

Keestrack M5e; the diesel-powered generator on tracks can power multiple Keestrack E-machines in remote locations when plugging in the the grid is not an option

The Keestrack Zero range adds extra versatility and convenience in the different machines by being ‘daisy-chained’ and all connected to each other from a single electrical energy source.

Operating the machines is simplified, as all functionality is controlled by intelligent Keestrack plant control. This includes numerous automated routines and comprehensive monitoring with bi-directional transmission of both machine and production data using the satellite-based Keestrack-er System.

At a glance, operating benefits of Keestrack Zero equipment include:

  • Immediate savings through 40 to 70% less fuel expenditure
  • Lower spend on consumables such as oil, lubricants, filters, hose seals
  • Lower maintenance hours and downtime
  • Link more than one Zero series electrically powered heavy machine together from a single electrical energy source
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • All functions remotely monitored by Keestrack-er satellite monitoring

A projection of savings

As Keestrack’s sole distribution partner for New Zealand and Oceania, Equip2 says they are fully aware of both the environmental and operating advantages of the Keestrack Zero series.

Within New Zealand, Equip2 are a recognised expert in the supply and support of mobile plant factories used in quarrying, contracting, mining, material recycling, demolition, and agriculture.

They can talk about the advantages of the new Keestrack Zero range and say they can tailor a projection of the actual savings a specific Keestrack Zero machine will bring to a business.

For more details, call Equip2 on 0800 100 684 or visit

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