Product feature: Attach2 min-tilt hitches

Attach2 puts their mini-tilt hitch to the test against a traditional draw-pin hitch

The Mini Tilt Hitch requires no changing of hydraulic hoses

Attach2 say they often get questions from operators about the operating efficiency of tilt hitches. Traditionally mini excavator operators had to choose between a machine with no tilt-function for attachments, or a quick-hitch and tilt bucket combo requiring constant, often messy hose swapping.

To highlight the real-life benefits of using a Tilt-Hitch, Attach2 put their Mini-Tilt Hitch to the test against a traditional Draw-Pin Hitch.

The experiment

Ben Colville from Wai Scape Ltd

Skilled operator, Ben Colville from Wai Scape Ltd, was tasked with building a berm for a mountain bike trail using his 1.7-tonne Kubota excavator. Using an A2 900mm-wide bucket and A2 Draw-Pin Hitch, Ben was able to build this berm from start to finish in one hour and fifteen minutes.

This included 25 minutes of adding finishing touches: structuring, shaping, and packing in the dirt. To save Ben from completely rebuilding the berm and having to load it all out again, the comparison between his old hitch and the new Mini-Tilt would be carried out during the final retouching and shaping.

Enter the Mini-Tilt

Ben was able to retouch the berm in just 13 minutes

Ben’s machine was then fitted with a Mini-Tilt. He then had to rough up the berm to remake and retouch it for an apples-to-apples comparison, whilst on the clock.

Using the same A2 900mm-wide bucket, but with his upgraded hitch, Ben was able to retouch the berm in just 13-minutes, compared to the 25 minutes it took with his old hitch.

Rather than having to pack in, move around, then pack in again, Ben was able to sit his digger in one spot and utilise the tilt function to reach out and shape the berm with his bucket on an angle to pack the dirt.

A small disclaimer

Unfortunately, with only two data points and some potential conflicts of interest, the result was not scientifically accurate, according to Attach2, but the end result was still pretty impressive, considering it was Ben’s first time using a Mini-Tilt Hitch.

Ben’s opinion

"It was definitely a different experience to what I’m used to, I mean it was my first time operating a Tilt Hitch. It was unquestionably more efficient not having to move the machine around as much," Ben says.

"It takes a little bit more coordination, but once you get that down pat, it’s pretty clear it’ll really pay itself off. "I’m excited to see what the road ahead brings and keep working with it."

Saves time

Thanks to the A2 Mini-Tilt Hitch’s Draw-Pin Quick Coupler design, operators can swap out attachments in a matter of minutes. This requires no changing of hydraulic hoses; simply pull the pin, drop the bucket, and pick up the next attachment.

Unlike with a tilt-bucket, which are only offered as wide-buckets, the A2 Mini-Tilt Hitch allows operators to tilt any attachment coupled to their excavator, be it a trench bucket, ripper or grab.

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