Product feature: Doherty Couplers and Attachments

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Sb Civil image 1 SB Civil makes quick work of a trimming job with the D-Lock Tilt and Powerdig cleaning bucket Sb Civil image 1
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SB Civil has a fleet of CAT Excavators with 2D and 3D GPS, which have an armory of Doherty attachments to choose from

Despite COVID-19 lockdowns, increased costs, and labour and material shortages countrywide, Simpson Black Civil’s (SB Civil) commitment to using state-of-the-art technology while combining skillsets has allowed them to excel within New Zealand’s earthmoving industry.

The civil construction company was created in 2019 after a partnership was formed between directors Josh Simpson and Alistair McCourtie, who merged their businesses – Simpson Earthmoving and Blacks Hire respectively.

It all started from a meeting to discuss an excavator. "I was going to see Alistair to have a yarn about one of his excavators, when the chat turned into how we could combine our skills to do things better," says Josh. "We quickly discovered we held the missing parts to each other’s success."

Since 2012, through precise and efficient earthwork skills, Josh had built a solid reputation in Auckland’s earthmoving scene. His experience in the industry and managing staff were the key components that Alistair believed his business, Blacks Hire, was lacking at the time.

"It was clear to me, Josh could bring his network and labour management skills to my business," says Alistair. Alistair was experiencing difficulties convincing prospective clients to hire equipment without any skilled labour to operate it.

Alistair, who has been involved in the industry since the early 2000s, including having a successful business in the Middle East, quickly noticed this was becoming a huge hurdle to his business growth in New Zealand.

He explains: "When Josh and I met, it didn’t take long to realise we were a good fit. We knew together we could provide customers with specialised equipment and skilled operators to make their lives simple."

Both Josh and Alistair attribute part of their success to the quality equipment they chose to invest in. "We have a total of 30 employees now" says Josh, "If it wasn’t for the superior equipment we use, it would be near impossible to attract top quality operators."

SB Civil has a fleet of CAT Excavators with 2D and 3D GPS, which have an armory of Doherty attachments to choose from, including the D-Lock Tilt coupler, BTA Rotary Tilt bucket and Powerdig Digging buckets.

Josh says he’s used Doherty attachments since 2017, from when he got his first new excavator that had a D-Lock Tilt. "Ever since then I’ve used Doherty because of the build quality and customer support," explains Josh. "When a new machine arrives with a Doherty hitch or bucket on it, the boys froth over it."

With international borders progressively reopening throughout 2022, the influx of skilled labour returning to New Zealand puts SB Civil in a fortunate position to capitalise on a booming industry.

A strong reputation for meeting deadlines, and their elite choice of equipment helps capture the best operators and will likely see them increase their capacity to cater for the high demand of future projects.

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