Product feature: Screenpod dust cannons

Screenpod dust cannons are designed for effective dust suppression and control

Crush & Screen will offer purchase or hire options on the mid-range of Screenpod dust cannons

It’s generally known that between 40 and 50% of waste going to landfill is from construction and demolition, with no surprise earlier this year when the Government announced landfill levies would be introduced from July for previously non-levied construction and demolition waste.

The levies would rise over the next three years to $30 per tonne by 2024. On the back of that, it’s easy to predict more waste recycling operations will sprout up over the next few years to divert some of this waste—a consequence Government likely intended. 

These recycling operations typically introduce another consequence—dust nuisance and how to control it. In preparation for an increase in demand for dust suppression gear, heavy machine hire and attachment sales business, Crush & Screen Ltd looked at dust control solutions overseas, where the waste recycling sector is light years ahead of New Zealand. 

They looked not only at the equipment used in waste recycling operations but also in the civil, demolition, and quarrying sectors. Dust concerns there are the same as New Zealand’s—air quality, health and safety of workers, occupational and/or neighbour nuisance, diminished visibility on-site, and exacerbated machinery wear from dust build-up. 

Crush & Screen’s research connected them with Screenpod Design & Manufacturing in the UK. The company manufactures the type of water cannons used in the UK’s demolition, quarrying, and recycling industries—mobile machines that fan minuscule droplets of water out at force, forming a blanket of mist over work areas.The droplets capture dust particles, dragging them to the ground before they can float outside the work zone.

Effective dust control

The Screenpod S-45 telescopic lifts the cannon head up to 5.5m

The key to effective dust control with water misting is the micron size of the atomised water droplets dispersed—too big and the slipstream effect means the fugitive dust particles simply ‘roll’ over the water droplet and continue their escape while the water droplet falls to the ground making it wet or worse, slick.

The atomised droplet size from Screenpod dust cannons ranges from 10 to 150 microns with a mean size of 70 microns. At this small size, surface tension is reduced, and the droplet easily absorbs the dust particle when they collide with both the water and dust dropping to the ground.

Set and forget

Screenpod dust cannons are almost set-and-forget

Screenpod dust cannons are almost set-and-forget. Fed by a connected water hose or water tank, they can be set up on a trailer with a generator for easy manoeuvrability around the site.

Generally economical to run, they use modest amounts of water and power while delivering important benefits, such as reducing the risk to worker respiratory health, improving air quality and visibility on-site, and less dirt and dust clogging up machinery.

Crush & Screen will offer purchase or hire options on the mid-range of Screenpod dust cannons: the S-Series 45 (and S-45 Telescopic) and S-85, with a 45-metre and 85-metre mist throw respectively. Alongside, these is the new and smaller Triton 20 (20-metre throw) for control over more confined areas of works or specific dust discharge or transfer points.  

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