Product feature: Mikasa and Husqvarna Construction range

A quick look at YRCO’s Mikasa and Husqvarna Construction range

Mikasa adds diesel to its range 

The Mikasa MTX85 DY rammer

It goes without saying that Mikasa trench rammers are world-class, which is why Youngman Richardson & Co Limited (YRCO) has taken the opportunity to add a diesel rammer to their fleet of Mikasa light compaction equipment.

The Mikasa MTX85 DY trench rammer has everything a user would expect, including balance, compaction, ease of operation, and functionality. All of this adds up to a great package that combines high work efficiency with less operator fatigue.

Powered by a Yanmar diesel engine, the MTX85 DY rammer has an impact force of 15.7kn and at 93kg, is designed to suit any contractor or hire company where longevity, low maintenance, and superb compaction is a must.

The Mikasa MTX85 DY rammer is packed with features, such as a single function throttle lever that stops the engine and shuts the fuel off in one single operation, a four-stage air cleaner system, a VAS (vibration absorbing handle system), heavy-duty ribbed bellows, a one-piece (340mm x 285mm) pressed wooden foot with a hardened steel plate, and a large fuel tank incorporating an hour meter and tachometer.

The orange evolution is here


HTC products, services, and solutions are now fully integrated into the Husqvarna Construction offering to the surface preparation industry. The introduction of the rebranded range promoted under the tagline ‘The Orange Evolution’ is further enhanced with the launch of brand-new products.

By combining two existing eco systems, floor grinding customers will now have a much wider choice of products, features, and solutions all under one brand. "We’re privileged to be part of this comprehensive product range, which will provide traction to an already growing market for surface preparation in New Zealand. We see this move and powerful combination opening up a whole new world of options for our customers," says YRCO managing director, Ed Richardson.

To further build on its strong brand recognition HTC, Husqvarna Construction will be launching a series of new product innovations, including:

  • A new family of high-performing polishing tools
  • A tool holder ‘Multi’ allowing to fit both Redi Lock®and EZchange™ tools
  • A new portfolio of edge grinding tools for hand-held grinders
  • A new range of chemicals for the creation and maintenance of polished concrete floors
  • An enhanced process of the Superfloor™ method to polish concrete floors.

"Youngman Richardson & Co Limited are committed to supporting the floor grinding industry in New Zealand. To this end, we strongly believe in the benefits of polished concrete floors, and we want to help our customers win interesting flooring projects as well as complete their work in the most productive, sustainable, and safe manner," says Ed.

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