Product feature: Attach2 Ram-Tilt quick hitch

Attach2's Ram-Tilt features a unique twin cylinder design and allows for a tilt radius of up to 45 degrees each way

Attach2 Ram-Tilt quick hitch

At first glance, Attach2’s Ram-Tilt quick hitch seems just like a familiar twin-cylinder based tilt hitch, and in basic operation, one would be correct. It has all the same components: two cylinders and a quick hitch base, but just like all utes have four wheels and a steering wheel, that’s where the similarities end.

Attach2 says its twin-cylinder technology has been continuously developed since 2012, using feedback from New Zealand operators. Isaac Hart, Attach2’s chief operating officer, states that using feedback from operators has enabled the design team to improve on key areas of the hitch that suit New Zealand conditions and operating styles.

The Ram-Tilt allows for a tilt radius of up to 45 degrees each way

Some of those key improvements have been increasing the cylinders and bushes’ size and implementing a two-pivot pin design. The oversized cylinders are designed to provide more output torque potential, which is important for cutting and battering.

"The single-acting cylinders have been an important hydraulic feature of the Ram-Tilt, as there’s always a positive force to hold the base, and it reduces chattering and sloppiness; the larger poly-block bushes also reduce play and increases service life," says Isaac.

A two-pivot pin design enables more surface area on the connections between the hitch top and base; more surface area or connection points help distribute the load across the chassis more effectively.

The Ram-Tilt features a unique twin cylinder design

"Although it looks like there is less ‘bulk’ inside the hitch, the two pins give two times as many connecting points rather than a single tube connected at the ends. The added benefit is the space inside the hitch is perfect for GPS placement, which comes with a universal bracket," says Isaac.

Ram-Tilt is part of a range of Attach2 hitches and provides a familiar feel that makes transitioning between equipment easy. Just like the Heli-Tilt and Sure-Grip hitch, Ram-Tilt uses the trusted Sure-Grip base, making operation straightforward and parts are standardised, keeping servicing and availability the same, helping fleet operators choose the right tool for the job.

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