Product feature: Robur tilt coupler and bucket

Civil and Landfill Construction recently added the latest Volvo ECR235EL fitted with a Robur tilt coupler and bucket

The latest Volvo ECR235EL fitted with a Robur tilt coupler and bucket

There’s nothing quite like commissioning a new machine. From checking out the different options available to testing out the latest technologies, and then kitting it out with all the bells and whistles.

Civil and Landfill Construction (CLC) enjoyed this experience recently with the addition of the latest Volvo ECR235EL fitted with a Robur tilt coupler and bucket. The CLC team can be found working across a wide range of projects, from residential subdivisions and roading through to waste landfills.

The Robur Attachments team caught up with them on a couple of their current jobs around South Auckland to check out their new digger in action. Russell Green, managing director of CLC, was working on-site on the rehabilitation of Puketutu Island, which is a long-term project working with Watercare.

Russell Green

Puketutu Island is located on the Manukau Harbour and was once the site of a large quarry where tonnes of scoria and basalt rock were removed for several construction projects, including the expansion of nearby Auckland International Airport.

The rehabilitation project will see the former quarry filled with biosolids from the nearby Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant; the volcanic cone shapes will be restored, and it will eventually become an inner-city regional park to be enjoyed by all.

Russell selected the new Volvo ECR235EL from TransDiesel to join the CLC fleet and they say they’ve been impressed with the machine—it’s a powerful 24-tonne machine with a compact size and ideal for the work CLC carry out.

The powerful 24T machine with a compact size is ideal for the work CLC carry out

When it came to attachments, Russell was keen on the Robur Double Lock Tilt Coupler. Having had Robur tilt couplers previously, he knew they were tough and up to the job.
"The new Volvo is a cool machine to put this new hitch and bucket on. It has a lot of great features such as the boom float, which works well with the Robur bucket for trimming."

When it comes to selecting attachments, it’s a pretty competitive market out there. For Russell, it comes down to things such as dimensions, reliability and strength of the attachments, and the aesthetics also help when buying for a new machine, and he says the Robur range of attachments ticked all the boxes.

CLC have tried a few different tilting hitches and their preference is for the twin ram-type coupler from Robur. "They’re so much stronger, and you can see everything. In terms of maintenance, it makes it a whole lot easier and simpler for the guys to keep on top of."

The hitch fits well and the double lock ensures it’s connected safely and securely

The hitch fits well and the double lock ensures it’s connected safely and securely. The hoses are tucked away securely to minimise damage, which is another benefit of this set-up over a tilt bucket.

The Robur wide bucket pairs well with the tilt coupler

"The Robur wide bucket pairs well with the tilt coupler, and like all Robur attachments, it’s built tough," says Russell. "I just had to rebuild an old bucket and it cost more than expected, so you don’t want to be doing that often.

Any strength that’s in the bucket to start with is a good thing; all the steel that’s in this new bucket is pretty meaty, and there are plenty of wear strips on the bucket, which is going to help prevent you from having to rebuild the bucket any time soon."

The hitch and bucket being put through their paces

Further south, some of the CLC team have been working on a new landfill pit for New Zealand Steel, creating carefully controlled and structured landfill cells for the disposal of non-hazardous waste from the steel mill.

The new Volvo was looking impressive with its new Robur hitch and bucket combo and a great outlook over the surrounding farmland and the harbour. Site manager Mitch Cartwright has been happy with the new machine set-up.

Mitch Cartwright

Mitch says he was most impressed with the size and strength of the rams in the coupler, which provide excellent hold while tilting, and the shape of the bucket allows it to hold an impressive amount of soil when bulking out.

Val Marshall

Reflecting on the new excavator set-up, it’s delivering on what it promises with benefits for trimming, bulk loading, working in clay and sticky materials, strength to handle the toughest jobs, and it looks great while getting the job done, Russell says.

Regarding the purchasing process, he adds that the support from Robur and TransDiesel has been great. "It was a nice addition to be able to get the bucket painted to match the rest of the digger.

"It is a very strong bucket and hitch; you want the bucket to do as many hours as the digger. Robur has grown since we first started dealing with them. They have more capacity to supply product with a good lead time, the prices have always been pretty competitive, and this set-up we’ve got looks really sharp."

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