Product feature: Hidromek 130CS compactor arrives

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Steve Atkinson

Magnum Equipment has received Hidromek’s newest model compactor and Deals on Wheels went along to find out more

Tipping the scales a bit over 13 tonnes (13,250kg), the Hidromek HMK130CS compactor follows on from its slightly smaller sibling, the HMK110CS (11,150kg).

If your brain hasn’t fried too much from the summer heat, you may recall we checked out the 11-tonne roller a few issues back (DOW 327) and it looked like a decent bit of kit.

Here we are a few months later, running a set of eyeballs across what is Hidromek’s largest-made compactor to date.

What’s in two tonnes?

As expected, the HMK130CS shares almost all styling characteristics with its smaller stablemate, and when you look closer, the dimensions and engine specifications marry up so much that they could almost be identical twins if it wasn’t for the additional weight of the larger model.

Heavier side plates are fitted to the drum assembly on the HMK130CS model
Heavier side plates are fitted to the drum assembly on the HMK130CS model

After poring over the specs of both machines, as I see it, the additional weight converts to an extra 42kN of centrifugal force being exerted on Mother Earth by the bigger HMK130CS. So, if you consider the maximum output of the HMK110CS is 210kN, then at 252kN, the HMK130CS is providing some pretty good bang for the buck because as we all know, faster compaction is money in the bank. Okay, it’s not all about faster compaction, but you know what I mean.

Power to compact

Both compactors are powered by a turbocharged Deutz TCD 2012 L04 2V, rated at 138hp(103kW)@1600rpm. That diesel provides a maximum torque of 520Nm with the subsequent hydraulic oil flow oscillating the drum between 27.5 and 30Hz. The larger HMK130CS also comes fitted with a Völkel-made in-cab compaction meter. This clever gadget not only removes the problem of under-compaction but also prevents over-compaction. So again, to me, it sounds like the possibility of more money in the bank.

Magnum Equipment founder and director Liam Field
Magnum Equipment founder and director Liam Field

Magnum Equipment says that all Hidromek compactors will arrive fitted with a compaction meter.

Two dimensions

Dimension-wise, both machines have a similar footprint, with a mere five millimetres difference in the length of both machines (5850mm vs 5855mm). The specs on the outside turning radius show a difference of 15mm (6160mm vs 6175mm).

Not that an operator would be too concerned about the height, which is 2280mm, but the transporter driver would surely like to know that at 2280mm, they don’t have to worry about hauling an oversize load.

Drum roll, please

The drum of each Hidromek compactor model measures 2130mm wide with a diameter of 1500mm. On the larger machine, the drum has a steel thickness of 30mm
as opposed to 25mm on the smaller unit.

The advantage I see with this is if a company had both models, padfoot shells could be interchanged between machines if the boss felt so inclined to give the order.

The smaller HMK110CS weighs in at 11,150kg
The smaller HMK110CS weighs in at 11,150kg

It doesn’t take too long to find out where more of the additional weight has been stashed, with heavier side plates in the HMK130CS. These measure 50mm as opposed to a steel thickness of 25mm on the smaller HMK110CS.

A closer look at the drum assembly shows a hollow steel front bar arrangement with some 25 bolts on each side plate and nice big isolators. Also, there’s good hydraulic hose protection around the drum unlike some other brands that choose to leave hoses exposed to errant tree branches and other debris.

In the cab

Keeping aligned with the top-end Hidromek experience most operators have become accustomed to, both the HMK130CS and HMK110CS provide an excellent wide-screen experience. Most windows feature the well-liked drop-down window shades, along with what we’re told is the "best air-conditioning bar-none". I must admit, it does feel pretty good in the cab with the cool air cranking along.

Going along with the aforementioned Völkel compaction meter, an eight-inch monitor keeps the operator up to date with the health of the machine, while the rear-view camera and Bluetooth-capable sound system will provide all the necessary information of the world beyond the machine, all from the comfort of the air-assisted seat.

Numerous air vents are placed in the cab
Numerous air vents are placed in the cab

Where to from here one may ask? Well, as I’m shuffled aside to let the Magnum Equipment team load an HMK130CS onto the transporter, I’m told this one is bound for somewhere on the East Coast of the North Island. It’s probably not a bad spot for what looks to be a solid-built, hardy machine. Once there, I wouldn’t be surprised if it never leaves.

For more information, contact Paul Gorrie 021 338 159, or visit

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