Product feature: Robur screening attachments

A quick look at the range of screening attachments from Robur

With the costs for disposal of excavated material continually rising, more contractors are turning to recycling as a way to keep tip fees down and provide additional income by reselling the recovered products.

This is especially noticeable in built-up urban areas such as Auckland where disposal of a six-wheeler load of concrete can see a contractor spending anywhere from $100 to $200 each and often more depending on the level of contamination. So, it doesn’t take a university graduate to work out that there’s a considerable amount of money to be saved
in recycling product.

Granted, not every site will have room to stockpile recycled product, and when this cannot be done, it’s often carried out in the corner of a contractor’s yard or some other suitable location.

One advantage of recycling in a yard situation is that it can be carried out when equipment is not being used on other duties and can be a good way to keep staff occupied during downtimes. It also helps provide an alternative source of income instead of draining the bank account through tip fees.

The Allu Transformer is ideal for landscaping and agricultural applications
The Allu Transformer is ideal for landscaping and agricultural applications

Robur Attachments have a number of screening and crushing attachments, which are available to purchase or hire through its sister business Robur Hire.

Allu Transformer

Robur Attachment’s Finland-made Allu Transformer screening buckets come in a range of sizes to fit six- to 35-tonne excavators. They add versatility and can be ideal for landscaping and agricultural applications, from aerating soil, topsoil screening through to waste and debris processing.

Flip Screen

Another option for screening is the popular Flip Screen. These units are designed to handle a multitude of raw products, including concrete with reinforced steel. Operationally, it can dig into unbroken ground, screen the material to remove waste, and deposit the usable product directly onto a stockpile or directly into the back of a truck.

The Flip Screen is designed to handle a multitude of raw products
The Flip Screen is designed to handle a multitude of raw products

Additionally, the Flip Screen has a watertight base, so can be used underwater as a mobile wash plant.

Sieve Bucket

Getting back to basics, often nothing more is needed than a good sieve to size-down material for reuse and this is where the Robur Sieve Buckets come into play. Whether it’s sorting rubble from demolition waste, removing soil from rock, or pond cleaning applications, Robur have buckets to fit excavators from 10 to 24 tonnes.

Robur Hire have a hire rebate scheme on their equipment should users want to purchase the attachment.

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