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Deals on Wheels headed to Papakura to revisit a Porter Equipment customer who is a long-term buyer of Hyundai wheel loaders

The name Bark Wholesalers may be a bit of a misnomer, especially with the variety of products the company sells, but bark supply is the prime objective of the South Auckland-based business, with significant quantities making its way out the gate to commercial and domestic customers.

You may recall we stopped in for a visit some 18 months back (DOW #309), and at that stage, the business had been a long-term Hyundai user. Back then, they had not long received a 12-tonne HL740-9 and it was paired with a smaller 10-tonne HL730-9 sibling; both were tasked with keeping the trommel screen fed, pushing up stockpiles, loading out product and making specialised mixes.

Judging from our latest visit, the business is still humming away, although, company operations manager Kurt Styles says the current COVID-19 climate has seen more people spending money on their properties, with the spinoff being an increase in product out the gate and the corresponding requirement for more machinery hours.

New machine, same machine

The new Hyundai HL730-9 added to Bark Wholesaler’s fleet

So, it’s here that once again Bark Wholesalers put the shoutout to Porter Equipment when they looked to replace their 10-tonne HL730-9, opting to go once again with a new Hyundai machine of the same model.

As they were more than happy with the performance of the previous machine, there was no need to search the countryside for a replacement brand when they already knew what was required, says Kurt.

"Our Hyundai loaders have real good visibility, which is imperative in a yard environment. They are economic to operate and excellent for the tight areas we work in," says Kurt.

Powered by a turbo six-cylinder Cummins QSB4.5 engine rated at 93kW (125hp)@2100rpm, the Hyundai HL730-9 gets the grunt to the axles and through to the ground through a four forward and three reverse full automatic powershift transmission, with soft-shift in range and direction.

This gives a maximum top speed of 37.2km/h or 23.4km/h in reverse. The lower gears see the most use at Bark Wholesalers, as the 10-tonne loader buzzes around on its numerous chores across the busy yard.


The loaders have good visibility, which is imperative in a yard environment

Versatility is a keyword​​ that comes to mind as Kurt describes the duties carried out by the HL730-9 in any one day and watching the nippy machine in action moving processed product from the screening plant to stockpiles, returning to carry waste to compost piles before scurrying off on some other duty. It certainly does bring home the wide-ranging abilities of the HL730-9 in compact situations.

"A machine of this size is just the right size for our yard. Weight-wise, it doesn’t punch through when the ground is wet, and with its 1.9 cubic metre bucket, it’s big enough to load trucks when the larger loader is busy but small enough to load a car trailer if needed," says Kurt.

Noise control

The nippy machine’s versatility sees it working across a range of tasks

Operating from a heavy industrial area with similar businesses in the near vicinity lessens, to a degree, the necessity to appease neighbours when it comes to noise output. That, however, does not seem to be an issue at Bark Wholesalers, and despite the two Hyundais going about their normal business, nothing more than a steady hum can be heard even when standing in the near vicinity of the operating wheel loaders.

Inside, the Hyundai loaders noise control gets even better, with the operators treated to a sound suppressed and pressurised cab, complete with aircon, tinted safety glass, radio with USB player, and a roll-up sun visor on the front window. And I guess we shouldn’t forget about the LCD monitor to keep up to date on the health of the machine.

Fuel costs

With its 1.9m3 bucket, it’s big enough to load trucks but small enough to load a car trailer if needed

Operating expenses are a big factor on any accountant’s spreadsheet, even more so when a machine is running from 7am to 4.30pm five days a week. It’s here Kurt says economically, the Hyundai HL730-9 proves that it’s not only versatile but also thrifty when it comes to fuel economy. "The operator on the 10-tonne loader is very conscious of the environment they are working in and uses efficiency over speed," says Kurt.

"As you can see by the way he operates, everything is done in a nice calm manner and his driving style works hand-in-hand with the Cummins power plant, which means we often only need to fill the machine with diesel once a week."

Back-up support

Kurt Styles

"We’re more than happy with the service and support from Porter Equipment," says Kurt.

"Doug Ball is our go-to guy and there’s virtually nothing that they won’t do to keep us up and running.

"They look after us well and we’re happy with the equipment they supply."

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