Hire feature: Robur Hire

It has been six months since Robur Attachments launched their hire arm, Robur Hire

Between COVID-19 lockdowns and political uncertainty, there have been a lot of challenges, however, Robur Hire has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow.

The Robur Hire fleet is getting larger every month; they started with around 60 attachments in the first month and now have more than 100 different attachments available. In addition to the Robur buckets, clamps, and extension arms that they have been manufacturing and selling for years, some of the latest additions are exciting tools that Robur says are sure to help operators get "more from their excavator."

Material processing attachments have proved popular; the ALLU screening buckets, ALLU crusher buckets and the Flip Screens have been tried and tested and make short work of screening topsoil, separating materials, or recycling materials for reuse.

ALLU screening bucket delivered to site by Robur Hire
ALLU screening bucket delivered to site by Robur Hire

Tumeke Logging is a logging contractor based in Golden Bay that has been working with Robur Hire. They were looking for a way to utilise rock from their on-site quarry to build forestry roads and save cost for cartage to bring in metal. Being able to hire a crusher bucket from Robur was a great option, as it allowed Tumeke Logging to test the crusher bucket and make sure it was suitable for their application.

It was a low risk option, as hiring the attachment for one month required much less capital than purchasing and there was no obligation to purchase if the job changed. After successfully crushing for roading, they opted to purchase the crusher bucket, taking advantage of the Robur Hire rebate scheme.

On various demolition jobs, the vibro-rippers and concrete pulverisers have also proved a popular addition to the Robur Hire fleet. These can be fitted to a wide range of excavators, are simple to attach, and help make demo jobs easier and more manageable.

The team at Hick Bros Civil was working on a job recently with some old concrete bunkers they needed to demo to make way for new housing. They hired a rock breaker to break the large slabs of concrete and a concrete pulveriser, which, Robur says was excellent for removing the reinforcing steel and crushing the large concrete into smaller pieces that could be further crushed and reused on-site.

Being able to hire the attachments they needed for the length of the job made it more economical and meant they could complete the entire project, including part of the job that would usually be done by a demolition contactor.

Jason from Crossroads Construction with the Robur Hire Mulcher
Jason from Crossroads Construction with the Robur Hire Mulcher

Robur Attachments says Robur Hire has been a great addition to the business, and the feedback indicates companies are enjoying being able to get their hands on some of those more specialist attachments for one-off jobs. It makes those companies more adaptable and means they can carry out jobs that they may have previously subcontracted out or declined.

The Robur Hire team is loving the chance to work with more customers, across a wider variety of jobs.

"It’s great to support the earthmoving and construction industries by making it simple to get the attachments you need, for the length of time you need them."

For more information, visit robur.co.nz.

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