Product feature: Bell ADTs

If you’re looking for higher productivity at a lower cost, you can’t go past the Bell B20E and B30E ADTs

Both have been designed for high productivity, with an optimised power-to-weight ratio giving the ideal balance between performance and fuel consumption.

Bell ADTs have more than proved themselves in some harsh conditions over the years and are a perfect fit for New Zealand’s contracting, earthworks, and quarry industries, CablePrice says.


Large flotation tyres are a feature of the Bell B20E and B30E trucks, which when combined with a high oscillating frame joint, articulated steering, high suspension travel on all axles, and high strength yet lightweight materials in the trucks’ construction, make them ideal for handling the softer ground conditions and also navigating varied terrain and harsh conditions.

The B30E has a rated payload of 28,000kg with a 17.5m3 bin capacity. It’s powered by a 322hp Mercedes-Benz engine, has load over height of 2.8 metres, and 750mm wide tyres.
Though physically smaller than its larger counterparts, the B20E has comparable capabilities to the B30E but packaged within a more compact unit, making it particularly suitable for use on small- to medium-sized job sites.

Furthermore, the B20E also has a turning circle of 3.7 metres, with 800mm wide tyres, a 11.5m3 bin capacity, and ground pressure as low as 95kP while the load-over height of 2.5 metres allows the ADT’s bin to be filled using various loading tools.

For improved safety and productivity, the B20E and B30E have an automatic inter-axle differential lock (IDL) giving the vehicle fully automatic traction control.

The park brake automatically applies when neutral is selected on hill starts. It’s only released once a pre-programmable engine torque has been reached to ensure a controlled pull-away with no rollback, even on the steepest of inclines. The slope is calculated by the exclusive on-board inclinometer.

Operator comfort is maximised in the B20E and B30E trucks with an ergonomically positioned operator station, air suspension seat, telescoping steering wheel, climate-controlled cab, and state-of-the-art technology, including a 10-inch full-colour screen with automotive mouse. With operator safety being another key focus for BELL, the operator cabins are fully ROPS/FOPS certified.

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