Product feature: Pacific Cameron compactors

The design and cleaning system of Pacific Cameron’s padfoot compactors offers less wear and drag

"Why are we ahead of the big companies when it comes to designing padfoot compactors," asks Allan Cameron of Pacific Cameron Compactors.

He reckons the answer is quite simple: "Sales of padfoot compactors internationally is so small that large companies with huge overheads and long lead times are not going to spend millions on redesigning equipment when the return is not viable."

Pacific Cameron compactors product feature

Allan goes on to say that he once did a presentation to a well-known Korean manufacturer, who were very impressed, but they ultimately felt that there was no assembly line potential.

"They, like others, will only build products that have the potential for a large number of sales," he says.

"Pacific Cameron, with comparatively no overheads, has kept on modifying and improving our design over the last three decades.

"Now our feet design and cleaning system is so far ahead of all others, offering dramatically less wear and drag, that our fuel economy is better than 15% over comparative products."
A cited example are the feet, being wider, larger, and incorporating self-cleaning plates with welded-on cutter plates that not only help productivity but also provides a smooth ride on hard surfaces.

"The cleaning system has a simple floating cleaner design that dramatically reduces drag and wear. This allows the machine to do the job with ease, resulting in the drive train showing no heat build-up at all," Allan says.

Pacific Cameron compactors product feature

"Also, the design is such that every foot has equal efficiency. There are so many advantages in this design that if you need a compactor you need to give this serious consideration," he says.

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