Product feature: DeSite SLG vibrating screens

Efficiently screen and recycle sand, soil, compost, and gravel with DeSite SLG vibrating screens, available in NZ through Site Machinery

The DeSite SLG vibrating screens come in three model sizes, with fully suspended screen decks, which its New Zealand distributors Site Machinery says, are the most affordable, efficient way to screen and recycle sand, soil, compost, and gravel. 

Multiple mesh sizes are available

The mid-size SLG78VF-II screener has many unique, innovative features that make them the top seller in the range for cost-effective production and easy portability around small- to medium-sized work sites. 

Used widely on subdivisions, farms, landscaping, and, in general, contracting, they are a thoroughbred workhorse. Site material can be turned into valuable $30 plus per cubic metre material at 20 cubic metres per hour for a $10K investment.

Many special features are standard equipment: tilting screen decks on cantilevered coil-over-spring suspension, tilt-open-feed deflectors, and a removable riser box give operators more control.

A feature found only on a DeSite SLG screener is the cantilevered suspension system that also allows the screen deck to pivot in just two minutes from a static 45 degrees for high moisture feed-back to 30 degrees for sand and low moisture soil by adjusting just five deck  mount bolts on each side panel. 

The screen mesh can be changed in 10 minutes

The screen deck can also be temporarily flattened with the machine bucket while feeding the screen. The loader driver can adjust easily for material moisture and texture to shake off sluggish material that clogs, making screening faster and more productive.

The feed deflection system funnels material to the top of the screen deck to begin the screening process similar to a feed hopper so material can be fed faster and more aggressively. It mounts into quick disconnect lugs that allow the feeder to tip forward so oversize material can pass over the screen deck and into the overs pile, avoiding jamming.

The screen mesh can be changed in 10 minutes to re-screen the oversize to make drainage metal or sub-base material for driveway or roading. All the machines come standard with durable 20x100mm mesh made from 65mn steel using double-lock crimp dies for durability. Multiple mesh sizes are available from six to 100mm square for gravel and rock and six to 10mm elongated for soil and material with higher moisture content.

The screen can be fed by skid steers, excavators, bucket tractors, or compact loaders from the front or back by buckets up to 2.1 metre wide. And the distributor reports that the SLG-78VF-II is one of the quietest operating screeners in the industry, allowing it to work onsite within urban areas.

With only two grease points to service, maintenance is easy while the unit only requires only a small, compact 2KVA generator to power it, with a petrol engine option being available shortly. Is also offering interest-free finance for a limited period to approved customers. 

For more information and a quote for a machine delivered to you, call 0800 21 21 26 or visit

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