Product profile: Mustang 1750RT track loader

Brendan from All Terrain Bobcats invests in a Mustang 1750RT Track Loader

Brendan from All Terrain Bobcats has been operating skid steer loaders for 15 years, so it’s understandable he was a bit hesitant to change brands despite some issues with his current brand.

The Mustang track loader Brendan purchased is slightly smaller than his old machine but has lots more breakout force

But after interacting with Endraulic for more than five years, he realised the same people were still working in the business and happy to discuss options with him, so when he came to upgrade, he gave them a call.

"Once again they were easy to deal with, they worked out figures for trading my machine, and I told them it looked pretty good, but I wouldn’t do it before Christmas or without demonstrating their machine, and to give me a call in the New Year," says Brendan.

"Sure enough, they followed up in the New Year and arranged to bring their Mustang Track Loader over for me to demonstrate, and they left it with me to make sure I was definitely happy with it."

Brendan is happy with how the Mustang 1750RT operated "even though the model I purchased is slightly smaller than my old machine, it has lots more breakout force and actually performs the work faster".

He also liked the fixed undercarriage: "It has made levelling sites easier and faster too, plus less moving parts means less wear and tear".

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