Product feature: QSCP150iC Sykes pump

Perkinson Civil recently took delivery of a new QSCP150iC Sykes pump from AllightSykes New Zealand Ltd

Perkinson Civil is based in Lower Hutt, although, they contract in many parts of the country. The business has more than 35 years of experience in the civil engineering field with specialist capabilities in pipe bursting and drainage.

The specially treated soundproof canopy enables the pump to work in urban environments

The investment came at a time when the company were working on a sewer renewal project in the Wairarapa and needed a pump to assist in over pumping a 375mm RCRRJ sewer line that is being replaced by static pipe bursting in up to 130-metre lengths and replacing with SDR17 PE pipe.

Allan Perkinson contacted Allight Sykes to get information and after careful consideration, selected the Sykes QSCP150iC to add to his growing fleet.

This pump is fitted with a Perkins turbodiesel and a Sykes 150mm compressor primed pump head that has a snore capability that can allow it to run dry for long periods.

Also fitted is a control panel that allows the end user to utilise the float control functionality as well. It’s enclosed in a specially treated soundproof canopy, enabling it to work in urban environments with low noise levels. The unit can be fitted to a single or tandem axle trailer for added mobility being bolted down or with tie-downs as added security.

Joe Hayward from Allight Sykes New Zealand delivered the pump with Allan being satisfied with his investment that he anticipates lasting for many years to come.

For more information, contact AllightSykes on 0800 4 SYKES or visit

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