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Avoid accidents and worksite mishaps and monitor jobs in real time with AmberTrax proximity safety systems

In recent years, the push for safer work environments has become stronger and stronger, with the aim of reducing workplace injuries. We simply don’t want people getting hurt at work.

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Unfortunately, as so many are aware, the policies around health and safety aren’t always practical to put in place. Initiations can sometimes take a half-day workshop; teaching people what they’ve already been doing, so someone else who has never been on the jobsite can see a piece of signed paper. In reality it probably doesn’t guarantee anyone’s safety in the real world.

Each boss is responsible for the safety of their workforce, and besides any legal obligation, without exception they all want to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day. So what to do?

Enter AmberTrax. ‘The next generation in workplace safety’ is the company’s mantra. Many people can probably recall near-misses with machinery; scenarios when the person on the ground says: "I thought the operator saw me," only to discover that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Proximity location

AmberTrax-supplied in-cab location units, military-spec civil locators (or a free smartphone app for those visiting the site temporarily) and cellular coverage come together to monitor job sites in real time, giving moment-to-moment visual location of objects whenever needed.

Each in-cab unit (whether hardwired in or portable) can be customised to each individual machine, so the exclusion zone will always be accurate. The hardware has been chosen for its compatibility with any make of machinery. Rgardless of whether the gear is 15 years old or the latest model, quality protection for people is provided.

Monitored sites

On an AmberTrax monitored site, if anyone happens to breach an exclusion zone around a machine, the operator will hear a warning tone. This allows them to see exactly where their workmates are with a glance at the in-cab display.

The warning is easily acknowledged by the operator touching the screen; work can then continue on safely. However, if the warning is not acknowledged within the pre-set, customisable time limit, the unit can shut the machine down entirely – a practical feature that makes the hardwired in-cab unit an especially worthwhile investment.

Portable units

The portable in-cab unit is exactly as the name describes and is ideal to have for those times when equipment has been hired in, but high levels of safety need to be maintained. The shut-down feature is the only difference with the portable unit.

In-office panel

Designed with business owners and managers in mind, as much as the workers on the ground, an admin/despatch panel can be a key part of the AmberTrax system. Displayed in the office or accessible via wifi on a tablet or smartphone, the panel provides a bird’s eye view of the entire site: machinery, workers and all.

The admin/despatch panel alerts any near-misses, so management can track patterns or problems. Data records are kept for 12 months, so in the unlikely event of an incident, information can be easily sourced, limiting the likelihood of additional investigation costs.


With applications from civil construction to forestry and every heavy industry in-between, AmberTrax says its system is designed not only to protect businesses, but the beating heart of it: the people.

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