Cover story: Byfords Construction Ltd

By: Claire Smith

Cover story: Byfords Construction Ltd Cover story: Byfords Construction Ltd
Cover story: Byfords Construction Ltd Cover story: Byfords Construction Ltd
Cover story: Byfords Construction Ltd Cover story: Byfords Construction Ltd
Cover story: Byfords Construction Ltd Cover story: Byfords Construction Ltd

Byfords Construction Ltd recently took delivery of some impressive new Keestrack screening and crushing gear, which is set to change the way they do business

As one of the largest suppliers to the roading and local contracting industries, Byfords Construction operates quarries throughout the central North Island. With clients such as Higgins, Fulton Hogan, Downer, and various concrete manufacturers, the business strives to exceed client expectations and deliver a first class product every time.

It's this commitment to excellence that saw the business recently upgrade their processing gear. The Keestrack R5 impact crusher and Keestrack C6 screening machines arrived on site in early November and have already impressed the Byfords team who have been putting the machines through their paces.

The Keestrack C6 screening machine is a four-split version that starts at 31,000kg (without options) and has a capacity of up to 400 tonnes an hour. It's available in a diesel/hydraulic drive and in ECO drive, which is driven by electricity. The effective screen area is 8.1m2 for every deck, so the total screen area offered is 24.3m2. The engine's low emission norms combined with the load sensing hydraulics not only save on fuel but also help minimise the impact on
the environment.

With a 5.1-tonne impact rotor, the Keestrack R5 impact crusher can produce an impressive 400 tonne per hour at 60mm. A vibrating feeder with an active double-deck pre-screen minimises wear and improves product shape and capacity, while the double deck after screen has the ability to provide a three-way split after the crushing stage. This innovative feature eliminates the need for a separate secondary after-screen machine.

Byfords crushing manager Wade Saunders explains the plant was customised for the specific needs of Byfords. "Keestrack were happy to work with Equip2 and ourselves to get the machine just right. For example, we have a double deck hanging screen, which is not standard. The main reason for this was for railway ballast and for doing our chip. For the railway ballast, we can run 65mm on the top deck and 25mm on the bottom deck, plus everything in between." Byfords also had a few add-ons included such as a generator, compressor and dust suppression unit.

"With the new equipment, we use just one plant for this product, whereas before we used three separate bits of plant to make the actual ballast. So the Keestrack R5 with the double deck hanging screen is great for that," Wade says.
He explains that the machines are game-changers for the business. "Before we purchased these machines, we were using a static plant, which probably dated back to the ' 70s," Wade says. "What would take us a year with our old plant, we will be able to do in a month with the new plant.

"The old static plant was pretty dated and not as safe as it should be. And, of course, the cost savings with using one plant is significant. Whereas before we'd be making about 80–100 metres over the whole day, now we can do 60–70 metres of certified roading chip an hour."

Byfords has been in business since the early 1960s and has nine sites around the central North Island. "With the old plant, we had to rely on the flood to bring our metal down the river, but with this new plant we can take it anywhere in the country and make grade-spec chip. We're not confined to one area, and that's huge," Wade says.

"We now effectively have one mobile plant that can get the job done much faster than all of the old static gear. When we used the old crusher, we had a jaw and an old Symons crusher. So, we'd screen it off, then put it into the jaw, then through the secondary cone. Then we had another screening plant. So we had four bits of kit, whereas now we're going to be using one."

Keestrack machines are constructed to be as efficient as possible, both in terms of capacity and fuel consumption. The load-sensing hydraulic system adjusts the hydraulic demand to the load factor. This can save four to six litres of diesel per hour. So for a machine running at 1500 operating hours over a year, a savings of 7500 litres could be achieved. And at around $1.25 per litre of diesel, that's a pretty impressive $9375 saved.

Keestrack was established in Belgium in 1988 and developed the world's first scalping screen. Equip2's marketing manager, Jacob Hart, says Keestrack's innovative solutions, quality products, and after-sales support align well with the Equip2's vision and values. "Keestrack listens to our dealers and customers. We are known as a world-class brand within the New Zealand mobile crushing and screening industry and Keestrack, as a global specialist, is the perfect fit for our business and our clients."

Wade says the new plant is set to revolutionise how Byfords does business. "For us and our customers, it's about getting into the site and getting the job done as quickly as we can. That way they can get the metal on the ground when they need it. The quicker we get in and out, the better.

"If we've got 10,000 metres to run and we can do it in two weeks instead of four, then that's a huge saving all round. The new plant also means we save on manpower. With the old machine, we might need three or four guys, but with this one, we can do it with two."

Wade explains that Byfords started looking at the prospect of new gear around a year ago. "Equip2 have been great. They listened to what we need and then went away and did the hard work for us. The result is a very versatile plant that we're very happy with."

The Byfords team are looking at adding a stacker to the plant, possibly next season. And with the summer season in full swing, the next few months are looking busy for the business.

"The plant turning up now has been ideal," Wade says. "We're looking forward to getting stuck in and enjoying the benefits of a faster, more efficient way
of doing business."


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