Product feature: OMC tracked dumpers

OMC’s range of Cormidi and Canycom dumpers is making earthmoving in tight areas easy

OMC is New Zealand’s oldest importer and distributor of tracked power barrows and dumpers. Back in 2003, they imported and sold the very first Canycom tracked mini dumper from Japan. Fast forward almost 20 years, and they are still bringing pioneering track dumper technology to the New Zealand civil, construction, and landscaping markets.

New arrival: S300 3T construction series dumper

A favourite among tradies, OMC’s range of Cormidi and Canycom dumpers make earthmoving in tight areas easy. Operators can hold around four wheelbarrow loads in a single bin that can be operated by one user for hours per day. This is a huge shift forward from the old way of back-breaking manual labour.

The Cormidi and Canycom dumpers include the option of a self-loading shovel, which saves on manual loading. This means the material can be delivered to site and moved around wherever and whenever required. A hi-tip bin is also offered on many models, making the dumper even faster, more versatile, and great for tipping over obstacles or into containers, trucks, or trailers.

Matt from Natural Gardens Landscaping in Devonport says he deals with a lot of hard entrances—narrow and uneven—so getting GAP, soil, and timber in and out used to be tricky and time consuming before they purchased their Cormidi dumper.

Operators can hold around four wheelbarrow loads in a single bin

"Before the Cormidi, we were just using wheelbarrows and shovels, so it was a big strain on the back. Now we can get around four wheelbarrows in the one load, so the Cormidi helps massively with that. We can get rid of about a cube of soil in less than 20 minutes. We wouldn’t buy anything else. We love it!"

Manfred Watt from OMC says that many of his clients have no idea how much faster these dumpers are. It was only after they started to appear in more hire centres that contractors realised how much simpler they could make material transport on-site and give their teams’ backs a break.

"I still get a thrill seeing a contractor try one out or hire one for the first time. Once they see how badly they’ve been doing such a simple job until now, they can’t get themselves their own dumper fast enough."

A hi-tip bin is offered on many models

A new arrival for 2021 is the huge Canycom S300 three-tonne construction series dumper. This Japanese unit has a fully hydrostatic drive and a 180-degree swivel for dumping either side. This makes it ideal for foundations and other areas where narrow access yet high capacity is required.

OMC offers a range of models to suit various budgets and applications. They also have a number of finance options available, which means contractors have their own machine on-hand and don’t have to rush to the hire centre every time they need one for the job.

For more information on their range of tracked dumpers, call 0800 503 555 or visit

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