Video: 1980 Kenworth K100

Deals on Wheels catches up with Bill Stephenson to film his 1980 Kenworth K100 truck. Check out this video...

When deer farmer Bill Stephenson heard that a 1980 Kenworth was up for sale, he jumped at the chance to buy it to restore and use for carting stock.

That was 15 years ago and while the K100 Kenworth is now largely retired, it still comes out from time to time to appear in truck shows. Apart from that, it’s just a darned nice truck to own and Stephenson gets a kick out of some of the comments he hears on the CB radio when he’s out and about in it.

Things such as, "‘Gee that’s a nice truck, I wonder where it comes from and how old it is.’ I enjoy listening in and have a good old chuckle to myself," says Stephenson.

He was at a stock sale when he heard through the grapevine that the truck, which was always used for livestock cartage, was going to be sold. "I wanted it because it’s a one-off truck and there are not many of that particular model around anymore. I also like the challenge of doing something like this up. I put in an offer and then blow me down, someone else upped the price. I got it in the end though."

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