Old School Trucks: Talley's Group — Part 1

By: Dean Middleton, Photography by: Dean Middleton

1 4 A classic R-model Mack awaiting a load at the Port Motueka headquarters in the late ’80s 1 4
2 4 A smart CH Mack pictured when near-new back in 1992 2 4
3 4 Another CH Mack Fleetliner on curtainsider duties 3 4
4 5 This CH Mack is pictured parked up on a weekend break in Port Motueka back in the early 2000s 4 5
5 4 An E-Series ERF with an A-Train combination in tow 5 4
6 4 A C-Series ERF semi-retired as a rubbish skip truck. It was originally a tractor unit in the fleet. 6 4
7 5 An E-Series ERF parked up with one of the R-model Macks at the Sawyers Arms Road Truck Stop in Christchurch 7 5
8 4 Several Kenworths then entered the fleet, including this T480 model 8 4
9 4 Sister truck pictured carting containers from Port Motueka to Port Nelson 9 4
10 4 The Ashburton vegetable division began running its own fleet in the early 2000s; this Freightliner Columbia was on swinglift duties 10 4
11 4 Talley Tubby was an Ashburton-based Freightliner, pictured here on reefer duties 11 4
12 4 An Ashburton-based Hino 700 bulkie 12 4
13 4 Talley’s began to use their transport fleet as mobile advertising billboards during the 2000s 13 4
14 4 Stripes were added to the livery on the cabs, which looked striking and remains to this day 14 4
15 4 Another Freightliner Columbia looking stunning with a cornfield on the side of the reefer 15 4
16 4 A sharp T404 Kenworth pictured on reefer duties back in 2012 16 4
17 4 Freightliner Argosys became a popular model of choice in the fleet 17 4
18 4 An immaculate Argosy, pictured in Ashburton when near-new back in 2011 18 4
19 4 Another smart Argosy, with Talley’s two catchphrases on the truck and trailer: 100% NZ Owned and 100% NZ Grown 19 4

Talley’s Group Limited is a privately owned NZ-based agribusiness company. Deals on Wheels take a closer look at its fleet.

Talley’s Group Limited is a privately owned New Zealand-based agribusiness company that provides seafood, vegetable, and dairy products to both the local and export markets.

Talley’s was established in Motueka in 1936 by Ivan Talijancich, who was later known as Ivan Talley. The company began as a manufacturer of seafood before owning its fishing vessels.

Talley’s then entered into the dairy industry and vegetable industry, the latter based in Ashburton and Blenheim. The group is also a major shareholder of meat manufacturer AFFCO Holdings.

Talley’s has run their own transport division for many decades, and this fleet has grown exponentially during recent times in all areas of the business.

Back in the late ’80s when I began photographing Talley’s trucks, the relatively small fleet was predominantly based in
Port Motueka and consisted of mainly the Mack and ERF brands, joined later by several Kenworths.

In the early 2000s, Talley’s in Ashburton put a bigger emphasis on doing more of their own transportation, namely containers to the Lyttelton Port, and several Freightliners were put to work for the group.

The curtain-sided and hard-sided trucks were being used more, as mobile billboards and many units went on the road advertising the Talley brand.

The trucks certainly looked bold and colourful getting down the roads. Simple but effective striping was also added to the truck cabs, enhancing the brand and looking every bit as striking as the liveried truck bodies and trailers.

On several units, the two company catchphrases are proudly displayed: 100% NZ Grown and 100% NZ Owned. Next month, we look at some more makes and models from the smart Talley’s Fleet.

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