Old truck prices—1995

Old truck prices Old truck prices
Old truck prices Old truck prices

As part of Deals on Wheels' 300th issue, we take a look at the prices of trucks from years gone by

Thumbing through some old Deals on Wheels magazines, I was fascinated by what we used to pay for some of the rigs we drive and wondered how different prices were back then compared to today.

Flipping through the June 1995 magazine, I see KW Trucks in Rotorua had a 1985 Scania R142M 8x4, which was being offered at $75,000+GST. Wondering how a 10-year-old second-hand Scania back then compared to today, I jumped on the Deals on Wheels website to see if more could be learnt.

After scrolling through listings, the closest I could get was a 2009 R470 for a bit over $86,000+GST with a nine-year difference and not 10 years like what was being sold in the magazine in 1995. Viewing some other listings of similar age, it seemed this price is fairly close to what one would expect to pay for a tidy Scania these days.

Without getting too technical, this rough guideline indicates Scanias of the same age difference are today selling at around $5 to 10k more than in 1995, which surprises me somewhat considering we buy more car for our dollar in 2018.

Hoping to see what a 1990 Foden would cost me these days didn’t fare well, as every Foden I found of that era was being dismantled. While these trucks are pretty much disappearing from view, you can still pick up tidy models from the early 2000s in the $60k price bracket, although, like all trucks, some scouting can turn up substantially lower prices.

Of course, if you’re in the market for a Kenworth, such as the four-year-old 1991 T600, which was for sale at $160,000+GST, then judging what is around for sale, I would expect you to pay upwards of $200,000+GST for a truck with a similar age gap. As for ute and SUVs, take a look at what you were paying back in 1995. 

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